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Chalk Paint and More Facebook Group

Have you always wanted to Learn How to Paint Furniture with Chalk Paint, Mineral Paint, Milk Paint,.. or any other paint?  Well I have a great spot for you! I’ve put together a Facebook Group for the experienced and beginners alike!

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While Annie Sloan did an amazing job making Chalk Paint a house hold name, we go beyond that and explore it all.

While we try to offer support on ALL products for your projects,  its easiest to do this well when you use my preferred brand.  This way you have a direct line of communication to the owner and creator of the products for the best product support possible!

So to tell you thank you I have given group members an exclusive Discount Code to use FOREVER in my online shop where you will find my favorite paint, varnish, furniture salve and the AMAZING Cling On Brushes.
Just enter THANKYOU before checking out.

Now, any group has it’s guidelines, and here are ours:
1. Be nice. Seriously. If it’s not helpful or kind don’t say it.
2. No question is dumb. If you wonder ASK IT. Everyone learns from each other. Everyone also starts off as a babe completely clueless. You’re not alone.
3. Print | Save | Pin | Download this guide!! It’s the basics and will keep you out of a lot of trouble.
4. Please allow members to paint freely! This means, dont fuss and tell them not to paint their piece because you feel it has value. If you PASSIONATELY feel they are making a mistake-feel free to kindly private message them. This should not however be discussed openly UNLESS they are asking for this information. 🙂
And lastly you may enjoy these inspiring collections and DIY Tutorials!


    • Carol Horridge

      My maiden name is Baldwin!! Do you have any Indian bkgrnd? I have Cherokee, Scotts/ Irish. Never found another Carol Baldwin. So we could have way more in common than furniture! You can email me if we sound related!

      • Thea Osborne

        So funny, I thought you were talking to me and didnt understand the Baldwin connection! But I too am Cherokee as well as Irish and Scotch! 🙂

  • Peggy

    I’m so happy to discover your facebook group & your website! I’ve always envied those who revamp furniture into amazing ‘new’ pieces. Then I tried my own last summer & was hooked!! I’m looking forward to doing more projects so thank you for all your tips & tricks!!

  • Rosete

    I am so happy being part of this group.. Art.. I love painting and I have a few pieces I would like to paint, but I am kind a scared to do it

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