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The Best Paint for Furniture Without Sanding

A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to breathe life back into your well-loved furniture!

But clearing the space to sand down your favorite fixtures—and then actually attempting to sand them—is an incredible amount of work.

Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent no-sanding-required paints on the market to help you spruce up your old pieces!

If you’re embarking on a DIY refurbishing journey, this list of the best paint for furniture without sanding has the perfect no-sand paint for you!

Painting a white chair green using the best paint for furniture without sanding

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Jolie Essentials Kit

Budget Option
Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte

Best Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint

Best Overall

Jolie Essentials Kit

Jolie Essentials Kit - (Noir) - Gift Set Includes Jolie Paint Quart (32oz), 500ml Clear Finishing Wax Topcoat, Small Signature Brush, Pointed Wax Brush, Sanding Pads, Color Card

The Jolie Essentials Kit has everything needed to tackle your no-sanding furniture painting projects!

From small projects to large furniture pieces, this kit comes with enough paint for 150 square feet of coverage—so you won’t ever be caught running low on paint!

The Jolie paint adheres to almost any surface without needing to sand. Just pick your preferred color when you order the kit and paint away!

Beyond the paint itself, the Jolie Essentials Kit also comes with everything you need to complete your project. The kit includes:

  • A paintbrush made from a combination of natural and synthetic bristles to help you achieve stellar paint coverage
  • Finishing wax to seal and protect if needed
  • A finishing wax brush
  • Sanding pads to use after you paint if you want to create a distressed surface look
  • A Jolie paint color card so you can browse their paint portfolio

Based on their high-quality paint, and the additional supplies provided in the Essentials Kit, Jolie’s product reigns supreme as the best paint for furniture without sanding!

Paint type: Water-based chalk paint

Finish: Chalky Matte


  • Kit comes with everything you need to complete your painting project from start to finish
  • Enough paint to tackle large projects (150 square feet of coverage)
  • An array of beautiful colors to choose from


  • More expensive than competitors

Budget Option

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte

Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Acrylic Paint 30 oz, 30 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Linen White

If you’re trying to achieve that coveted vintage look—at a fraction of the vintage cost—with your no-sand furniture paint, give Rust-Oleum’s Ultra Matte paint a go!

From wood to metals and ceramics, this Ultra Matte paint comes in a variety of colors that can be used on nearly any surface without any sanding. Rust-Oleum’s 285140 Ultra Matte also provides quick, one-coat coverage, so you won’t find yourself painting the same piece of furniture over and over.

On top of being one of the best paints for furniture without sanding, Rust-Oleum is super budget-friendly!

Paint type: Latex formula

Finish: Chalky Matte


  • Low-odor, easy-to-clean formula
  • Optimized for creating a distressed or vintage look
  • Enough paint to tackle large projects (150 square feet of coverage)


  • Does not provide a solid finish without multiple coats
  • Occasional issues with dripping and bubbling

Best Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 302591 Chalked Spray Paint, 12 oz, Linen White Ultra Matte, 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Why fumble around with brushes and rollers when you can save all that trouble and simply spray your paint on? Some of the best paints for furniture without sanding also come in spray cans!

The Rust-Oleum 302591 Chalked Spray Paint is perfect for use on nearly any surface and dries in under 20 minutes. Use it to paint small pieces or for touch-ups on larger projects.

Paint type: Oil-based

Finish: Chalky Matte


  • Great for touch-ups on previous furniture paint jobs
  • Covers metal effectively
  • Short drying time


  • Not the best paint for a solid-color finish
  • Better for smaller projects

Beyond Paint All-in-One

Beyond Acrylic Paint Furniture, Cabinets and More All-in-one Refinishing Paint Gallon, No Stripping, Sanding or Priming Needed, Soft Gray (BP23)

No sanding is necessary with Beyond Paint’s All-in-One!

Formulated with quick and easy application in mind, this paint is a gel-like consistency that glides onto furniture for full and glossy coverage. If you’re looking for a seamless application process and quick-drying paint, look no further than the Beyond Paint All-in-One!

Paint type: Acrylic

Finish: Gloss


  • Full coverage paint
  • Easy painting experience
  • Fast-drying


  • Dripping may occur during application
  • Does not work on countertops

Country Chic Paint

Chalk Style Paint - for Furniture, Home Decor, Crafts - Eco-Friendly - All-in-One - No Wax Needed (Jitterbug [Dark Teal], Sample (4 oz))

The Country Chic Paint combines your primer, paint, and topcoat into the perfect no-sand necessary, all-inclusive paint for indoor and outdoor use. Use this paint on nearly any surface, including wood, laminate, glass, metal, and even kid’s toys!

A special feature of this particular paint is that it’s eco-friendly and certified safe under the European Toy Safety Standards. So, if you’re looking for paint from a conscientious manufacturer, the Country Chic Paint is exactly what you need—and that’s exactly why it’s made our list of the best paints for furniture without sanding!

Paint type: Clay-based chalk paint

Finish: Chalky Matte


  • Ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and low odor
  • Certified safe under the European Toy Safety Standards
  • Super adhesive and durable paint


  • May require multiple coats depending on the surface being painted
  • More expensive than other no-sand paint competitors

Hemway Furniture Paint & Glitter Paint Additive

Hemway Peacock Blue Chalk Based Furniture Paint Matt Finish Wall and Upcycle DIY Home Improvement 1L / 35oz Shabby Chic Vintage Chalky (50+ Colours Available)

Hemway’s paint, like many other no-sand furniture paints, provides a chalky matte finish and can cover nearly any surface.

So, you might be asking yourself, what distinguishes this paint from the rest? Why did this paint make our list of the best paints for furniture without sanding?

The answer can be summed up into one word: sparkles!

Hemway has truly said goodbye to boring walls and furniture with the creation of their Glitter Paint Additive. Just mix the additive into your paint to add a little sparkle to your space. The additive comes in multiple colors, sizes, and sheens for a totally customizable and magical painting experience!

Paint type: Chalk-based

Finish: Chalky Matte


  • Low VOCs and low odor
  • Able to cover rougher surfaces like brick
  • Glitter Paint Additive available to create a sparkly paint


  • May require multiple coats depending on the surface being painted

Dixie Belle Furniture Paint

Dixie Belle Paint Company Chalk Finish Furniture Paint | Soft Pink (8oz) | Matte Dainty Pink Chic Chalk Mineral Paint | DIY Furniture Paint | Made in the USA

The Dixie Belle Furniture Paint is a mineral paint made in the United States that’s easy to use and provides great coverage. This paint is loved by DIYers all over for its effortless application and high quality.

Dixie Belle paints also come in non-traditional furniture colors like hot pink and plum to really add some zest and life to your furniture!

Paint type: Mineral

Finish: Chalky Matte


  • Able to cover rougher surfaces like brick
  • Bright colors and pigments for a striking finished product
  • Easy application


  • More expensive than other no-sand paint competitors

All-in-One Paint by Heirloom Traditions

ALL-IN-ONE Paint, built in primer and top coat with no sanding needed. Elite cabinet and furniture paint. Cobblestone (Gray), 32 Fl Oz Quart

Wrapping up this list of the best paints for furniture without sanding is the All-in-One Paint by Heirloom Traditions. Like the other no-sand paints on this list, this Heirloom Traditions paint can be used on nearly all surfaces.

This paint stands out from the rest, though, for its unique ability to paint over smooth fabrics and leathers!

Need to refurbish that ratty old leather chair in your office? Heirloom Traditions has you covered (literally)!

Want to paint a fabric chair? Go for it!

With the All-in-One Paint by Heirloom Traditions, you can truly dive into any project—even fabrics!

Paint type: Oil-based

Finish: Velvet Sheen


  • Able to paint over smooth fabrics and leathers
  • Provides a super even finish
  • Requires fewer coats


  • Thinner paint that has occasional issues with dripping
  • Can be distributed unevenly if careful application is not followed

Best No-Sanding Furniture Paint Buyer’s Guide

Types of No-Sand Furniture Paint

There are various types of no-sand furniture paint on the market. Chalk and mineral paints are typically the ideal go-to solutions for your furniture refurbishing projects. That’s not to say other paints won’t do the job, but these are two tried and true options that DIYers love!

You don’t need to prime the furniture with both paint types beforehand. Just make sure the piece you’re painting is clean, and you’re good to go.

If you’re ever in a bind and unsure which paint to buy for a no-sand job, you can always fall back on chalk or mineral paint!

What to Look for in the Best Paints for Furniture Without Sanding

Beyond paint type, when you’re shopping for your no-sand paints, keep on the lookout for the following indications of a high-quality product:

  • Low VOC content for better air quality while you’re painting.
  • High coverage capabilities: look for whether the paint will provide full surface coverage.
  • Check to ensure the paint’s compatible surfaces are comparable to the furniture you will paint.

How to Prep Your Furniture Before Using Your No-Sand Furniture Paint

Before painting your furniture with your new no-sand paint, ensure it’s super clean to prevent any adhesion issues.

If you really want to optimize your paint’s adhesion, consider also using a liquid deglosser (sometimes referred to as liquid sandpaper) before painting. Though a deglosser is not necessary with most no-sand paints, it is a step some painters like to take.

Liquid deglosser is applied directly to the surface of your furniture and creates a chemical reaction with the existing finish to soften it, which preps the piece for a fresh coat of new paint. Be careful, though, as this can be a smelly process, so find yourself a well-ventilated space!

Before and after. Antique chair painted red

No-Sanding Painting Techniques

Brushes, rollers, and sponges all work when painting your furniture! Use a roller for large, flat surfaces to speed up the painting process, and then get into the nitty gritty with your brushes.

If you’re trying to achieve a specific finished look, consider the following:

  • If you’re going for a distressed finish, brush or roll in any direction you’d like! You don’t have to worry too much about brushstrokes. You can even lightly sand parts of your piece after you paint it to selectively place the distressed aesthetic.
  • If you’re after a smooth or solid look, you’ll need to use even brushstrokes and ensure you get in all the crevices and cracks of your furniture piece. Use a roller for even paint distribution on large, flat areas. For the smoothest looks, consider prepping your furniture with a deglosser.

Time to Dip Your Brush into the Best Paint for Furniture Without Sanding

Toss out your sanders and jump into your next refurbishing project with any of these no-sand paints!

Whichever paint you choose, any of these best paints for furniture without sanding will get your job done. And it will get it done well!

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about DIY furniture painting projects—like how to paint metals—check out our super handy guide on how to paint metal furniture!