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A Fireplace made Fabulous,… with SPiT

*This post contains the use of sponsored products,  all views expressed however, are my own!*

If you have ever been to the Lowcountry,
I do hope you have been able to catch an amazing sunrise,…
Few catch them as beautifully as local Photographer John Rector

Material List
Unicorn SPiT {Buy It!}in colors shown below
Blue Painters Tape {Buy It!}
Flat Cling On! Brush {Buy It!}
Paint Cup with Brush Holder {Buy it!}
CeCe Caldwells Stain+Finish (Walnut+KuKui) {Buy it!}
Polyvine Satin Finish Varnish {Buy it!}
My Ladder,.. my friend,.. it is AHmazing! {Buy it!}
And now for my own personal canvas,.. My client lives in the coastal area and like us all is smitten by the view…  They recently purchased a beautiful home and the time had come to really begin to put their stamp on it.
After a few conversations I began to sketch out some ideas,.. Which morphed over time… 
Thats one thing I love about the creative process and being able to really work through it with my client,.. we brainstorm and try this and that until we truly arrive at our creative baby,..
This piece would launch my clients home design and she wanted COLOR.  As the plan developed I couldnt think of any other product that would be more perfect than Unicorn SPiT!
Unicorn SPiT is a HIGHLY pigmented stain gel that also be used as a glaze.   The incredible concentration of color allows you to be able to also dilute it to suit your needs.  Its non-toxic and the only smell is this glorious Jasmine Smell! It so relaxing!  For the wood tones I would use my trusty CeCe Caldwell Stain+Finish in a mixture of KuKui and Walnut Grove!  
I began by taping off the areas we felt would be left as wood… This too shall change.. haha!
Once that was done I moved on to painting with the SPiT at full strength.  What I LOVED was how easy it was to work with.  The pigmentation is incredible! But Im also able to spray with a water bottle for more workability and to blend!  Unfortunately though, its impossible to catch just how blended the colors are over photos.. the look in person is indescribable!
Once the Unicorn SPiT was done, I moved on to the custom mix of CeCe Stain+Finish
What do you think?! Yeah,. us too.  We LOVED the colors but it had a SLIGHTLY Tetris feel to it.  Mrs K allowed me to play some more,..
I came back with the SPiT and faded the wood tones back a bit,.. I wanted it to be reminiscent of the old signs you would see along the docks at the beach,.. Paint being washed away by sand and salt to reveal the wood.. 
Wow,.. now this is only the first step in their redesign,.. but I can not WAIT to see where they end up at the end!  Sometime after I left they finished the mantel,.. 
Hopefully soon we will have barn doors to work on to compliment this and I will surely update you!! Until then though, I feel like need to check in on my other crafty pals!
Oh my!! Just look at all this potential!! Im sure they worked some amazing magic!
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As always, sharing is caring! …for your pinning pleasure.. 🙂 
I hope you enjoyed me and my crafty friends!  If you did you should come join us!! I created a great group just for DIY’ers to learn and explore! Newbies Welcome! Professionals Welcome!
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Until next time guys, thanks for joining me at That Sweet Tea Life!

Debbie Napier

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

WOW.... these colors are so up my alley sorta speak, I decorate with southwest colors.... Beautiful!!

Thea Osborne

Wednesday 14th of November 2018

Thank you! Yes! I have had a lot of South West style lovers enjoy this!

Glenda Vance

Monday 24th of July 2017

I should be so lucky as to be able to paint...about the only thing I can draw is flies...never to be copied. Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing...


Saturday 8th of July 2017

Thea, That looks like a fabulous sunrise! In your own living room! What an inspired idea! So gorgeous!Jeannee


Saturday 24th of June 2017

It's a creative fabulous fireplace! I love it!

Mary K.- The Boondocks Blog

Thursday 1st of June 2017

Wow that is super impressive and out of the box thinking!!