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When DIY Worlds collide… For the March 2016 Fab Flippin Contest Sponsored by Fairfield

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links.  Products were provided to complete the following project however all opinions expressed at 100% my own real and honest thoughts!
If a painter upholsters a bench, does that make them an upholsterer? 
No, no it doesn’t.  It sometimes just makes them realize how much of a painter they really are!
Welcome to the March 2016 Fab Furniture Flippin Contest!

This month the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest 

was sponsored by Fairfield with the theme of 
“Mix and Match”
If you haven’t heard of them-go check them out!  They have a large array of foam, fillers, batting, and MORE 
I was personally rather excited (read:scared) to have this project so nicely placed in my lap.  
Meet the Organ bench.

This guy has been around fer,.. years.  No Im not a hoarder.  I just see potential and value in things! Truly. Besides, the top lifts for storage!  Anything that provides storage is worth saving! Right?
Well something I have noticed about the computer desk is there is always more than one person trying to squeeze in! “Come look at this video!” “Can you help me with my homework?” This means inevitably someone is pulling a chair from some other place.  Does that chair ever find its way back home? 
No. No it doesn’t!
But this bench fits perfectly! 
…well width wise it does.  
I just needed to modify it a bit…

I took my handy dandy jig saw and removed around a 5″ section from each side to make it shorter.  Tah dah! Its always a good day when I get to use a saw. Also, I added 2 pulls I received from D Lawless Hardware! With little people around I wanted to make it easier for them to pull back the bench.  Glides were added to to the bottom for easy sliding.  Next it needs to be made pretty!! 

I used my Homeright Sprayer to lay a gorgeous coat of one of my favorite colors: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.  You’ll find it throughout my portfolio.  Truly I could have been done at this point.  BUT, there is a tushie quota. No one wants to spend hours at the computer working on projects and homework just to stand up with a numb tush!
When I received my project foam from Fairfield, I was probably more excited I than I should have been… But it was so nice…. There was just enough softness to it but it felt like it would also offer just enough support! …I truly could have just laid it down and taken a nap on it.. but instead I stored it safely away until I received my Spoonflower fabric!  Once I received it I took out the foam and simply cut it to size.  I allowed a tiny bit of an overhang.  Next I took craft spray glue and sprayed the foam as well as the bench top.  I carefully took my fabric and centered it on my bench. Using a staple gun I secured the whole front side. Backwards.  
Dont ask me how I did it! I’ve never claimed to be good at this aspect of DIY.  SO I carefully removed the staples and started again.  After doing my best to master tucking, cutting, and stapling,.. I added some “Nail Head” Trim.  No not real nail heads-I didnt count on them being that expensive! But the trim actually ended up being a really nice touch and even more durable than I had anticipated! 
For the “Mix and Match” aspect of the challenge I decided to add a bit of whimsy to my rather, ahem, non-whimsical home. This is where we landed!

I have to say.  Im rather happy with the outcome! As long as you look at it from the right angle, you would agree Job Well Done! However, I am NOT an upholsterer.  This project was made great by GREAT products!! The Fairfield foam made this project Fabulous!
Now to see how everyone else “Faired”
This months featured hosts are

Charlotte of

Watch their pages for the entries as they come in!  Also, several others from the FFFC Team will be blogging about their own awesome Fab Flippin Projects! So stay tuned to each of their pages!

Evey of Evey’s Creations (Co-Creator) 
Stacy of Anastasia Vintage (Co-Creator) 
Lynn of Fern Avenue

Good Luck to All the Contestants! And a special GOOD LUCK to the Judges!! Each and every month the competition gets more and more difficult to judge as the contestants become more and more talented as well as competitive! 

Now what about you? Are you an active furniture blogger? Would you like to come have some fun with the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest? Go check out and follow the social media links to see more! 
Then email us for info at [email protected]

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Pili Gomez

Tuesday 8th of March 2016

Even you are not an upholsterer you did a great project here, Thea! And making mistakes is part of the learning process, so I am sure next time you will remember and place the fabric upwards. Now everyone will want to seat there!

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