We Interrupt this Summer for Allstar Baseball!


#3 JB Brown
#11 Nick Cappello
#17 Keith Grace
#13 Jackson Harvill
#25 Drew Hayes
#24 Donavan Johnson
#16 PJ Morlando
#00 Zolten Osborne
#99 Tre’ Ryan
#8 Joseph Schenk
#12 Jonathan Tsang
#2 Michael Wynne


Merle Johnson
Steven Harvill
John Hayes

I know! What does this have to do with anything? But I just wanted to share,.. We Are Going To State! So,.. I have been busier than normal with life.. you know, the real life stuff like keeping little people alive while commencing with this crazy baseball stuff! 

This is me, my husband, and my son Zolten.. (yes, I know, say it out loud and digest it.  Its fine! I get it.) We are not the typical baseball family!  He LOVES Baseball. Yes.  Its probably his top pic for a sports future if he is blessed enough to have one.  But he also plays basketball and football.  We dont do this all year long,.. Hats off to those that do with travel ball and such!
So why am I here? Well, I just decided a blog post would be the easiest way to put together all the awesome ways anyone can contribute and help out these AMAZING boys!! 
Meet the 2017 Wescott Allstars
Yall,.. these are some amazing kids and coaches.  This isnt some stacked team that has been being built for years.  Wescott is a YOUNG facility.  And many of these Families and Coaches,.. come from very different backgrounds,.. some on travel teams, some on opposing teams, some on no travel team at all. and they came together, humbly to create ONE incredible team!  
They beat out some FIERCE competition!!
Now what?  In a few weeks we will be traveling to the State Tournament to 
So,.. here is how any and everyone can help in their own little way! 
Flat out simple. Donate.
 Donate Now!

Come see us at RiverFront Park for the 4th of July!
The boys will have water bottles and other products to sell you to raise money for their Baseball Dreams!

Or you can buy a shirt! Ill be adding more later but you can choose from the Lowcountry Sportees Line OR the Drink Paint Love Repeat line!  
All Proceeds through July 12 will be given the Wescott Allstar Families.
 Buy Yours Now!
Are you one of my DIY Followers?! Then you may prefer this line instead!
 Buy Yours Now!
Or Maybe you are Local!
July 5th Jersey Mikes will be donating 10% of their proceeds from sales made from 3-9pm!!
9500 Dorchester Road
Summerville SC 29485
I will be sure to update with any other options that become available-including adding options to the Tshirt lines-so feel free to check back in!
Now take a minute to comment at the very bottom and encourage your favorite player!! 
Thank you SO much for taking the time to stop by!! Its not all about furniture and food at That Sweet Tea Life!

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