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Vintage Lane Given a New Life!

*This post contains products that were sponsored.  However, rest assured these products are only used because I already LOVE them and trust them!*

I introduce you to my conundrum.

What a unique shape right?? Look closely though and you will see where they have been distressed and no,.. this is not solid wood.  The lovely fuzzy fibers of the MDF were peaking through.  My client also had no desire to hold on to those acrylic knobs I would later find had been added by someone other than “Lane Furniture” as they were not centered,.. in any way.
AND  my sweet client also needed them to be about 10″ taller.
I can do this right?  Sometimes I like to say yes, before I can say no, so I am forced to work through the problems.  So,.. I did.
From there I had to figure out how I wanted to refinish that shiny, slick surface.
I began with Plutonium Paint.  Its an amazing spray paint with a primer that is built in. I REALLY loved the adhesion and the color.  BUT remember how the fuzzy MDF fibers had been exposed?  I couldn’t seem to get them contained…
Time to change course.

After sealing all the edges with shellac I decided to go with CeCe Caldwells Clay based paint in Newport Navy! If you’ll remember I used it recently on this guy for the Fab Flippin Contest..

You can read all about that HERE!

So I knew the nature of the product and felt with the paint being a thick clay based paint, I could really use it to recreate those edges and tame those fibers! ….and it worked. (Whew..)  I also loved the extra dimension it provided,
Still tho,.. hardware and height??
I decided to look at D. Lawless Hardware to see I could find anything to inspire me..

Of course I found the MOST PERFECT PULLS EVER!
look back at the nightstand.  The lines were perfect!!
….but then, how in the world could I pull together a cohesive look and add height?
I felt like I wanted to go with a hairpin leg but I just wanted a little extra something… I began cruising Etsy and stumbled upon these beauties…

I mean,.. seriously. Does it get any more perfect?!
I ordered them unfinished from WWW.DIYMETALLEGS.COM
Not only did they send me these fabulous legs but they came in SO fast and they sent a whole new set after I had an emergency situation! I LOVE the added dimension they have compared to the common Hairpin Legs
(Which are fabulous enough themselves..)
Seriously-GO CHECK THEM OUT! I will be returning to them for sure!

I finished the pulls and legs in the same Gold then burnished them a tad
so they didnt look tooooooooo new.
After filling the existing holes in the nightstand I attached the pulls and the legs and could not be happier with the outcome.

Ok so what do you think? Did I hit the mark? Seriously I cant thank my favorite brands enough!
CeCe Caldwell Paints for products I know and trust!
D. Lawless Hardware for amazing selection and prices and quality I can trust!
…and my new favorite go to spot for Hairpin Legs WWW.DIYMETALLEGS.COM
Im loving these guys and am so happy to have them complete.  I love seeing a challenge and taking it on,
learning about more products and techniques to add to my arsenal!
Never be scared to take on a challenge-its always an opportunity to learn.
(I should disclose… my sweet client was well aware this may end up being a fail we would have to deal with! …never keep a client in the dark…) Until next time!!

And you can find me partying at

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Thea Osborne

Saturday 17th of December 2016

Thank you so much!! Absolutely my pleasure!

Brenda Young

Friday 16th of December 2016

what a perfect pairing of legs and handles Thea, you couldn't t have found a better match. You really transformed the set onto something altogether new, fab and modern with a mid century twist, a super sweet makeover! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Furniture Fix!


Wednesday 9th of November 2016

Wow!!! This transformation is amazing! It makes me want to try refinishing items that seem like a lost cause!

Jess and Josh

Wednesday 9th of November 2016

I absolutely, positively LOVE how these turned out Thea! The paint is of course gorgeous and the pulls and legs just add a perfectly unique twist. I'm now secretly hoping for fuzzy, mdf pieces so I can use these as inspiration!

~jesslittle patina

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.