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Up Close and Painting With Thea

Up Close and Painting with Thea is a CRAZY AFFORDABLE Members only group where you will find me hanging out every day! This is a group of genuinely engaged artists that are willing and ready to learn! You automatically gain entry by placing an order of $76 or more in my Shop (Thats like two pints of paint, and a sealer!) OR by simply paying a one time fee!

**In Progress October 2018**

Currently I am teaching how to use Unicorn Spit to achieve a powder glazed look! Soon I will update with photos from the process. THEN, Jamie from Re-Love It Furniture will be teaching the REAL Powder glaze deal and sharing with you her approach!!

Jamie Teaches How to powder glaze

AND THEN We have Chelsea of Apple Blossom Way teaching us how to glaze with water based AND oil based glaze!

Chelsea teaches glazing

We began with this Rustic Glam Look! The entire how to series is available and broken into small easy to understand chunks. Artists are already putting the knowledge they have gained to work! Once inside the group you will see there are other units that will cover distressing, decoupage, image transfer, liquid leafing, blending, layering,… gosh and so much more! As I work you are right beside me each step of the way learning from every technique I put to work! I provide you with business tips and guidance on how to grow your craft! Read on to see how you can get in on the fun!

Here you can see the inspiration piece for our latest class “Rustic Glam”, defined by Bold, Gold made to look a little Old!

Afteryou shop or buy a membership CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE GROUP

Once in the group members and I walked through each and every step it took to achieve this look. I took this end table and lesson by lesson walked them through how to recreate it in their own way!

Afteryou shop or buy a membership CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE GROUP

Currently we are working through Blending, adding a CUSTOM image transfer in less than five minutes, and applying a white wash to over come the least desirable paint surface!

Next: We are learning about Spraying with the

Homeright Finish Max

which has proven to be my very favorite sprayer! Just look at a FEW of the many pieces I have sprayed,.. look ma! No Brush Marks!

Everything you learn can be used over in different styles. I’m not teaching you trends, I’m teaching you timeless techniques!

Afteryou shop or buy a membership CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE GROUP

We are also covering The Rusty Blue Chevy Right Now!!

With this membership group we will first focus on


EASY Image Transfer


Color Washing

Liquid Gold Leaf


All classes included from start to finish and will remain in the group for your reference! Attending during lives will not be necessary.

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