Trying Out Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint!

Y’all. I won something!

Just a little bit back Wise Owl was running a giveaway.  I was rather excited to win!  I quickly informed them I would love to try their new, limited edition color Abyss.

And as you may know I love teal,..And this one is luscious and deep,… I had recently scored some lovely end tables.  ACTUALLY tho, these were the end pieces to an antique vanity.
The middle area and mirrors had been removed leaving just the end pieces.  These are going to be difficult to let go of,.. I have long looked for a set of deep and rather thin nightstands and these are perfect!  …So hopefully I will come across some again,..

Now, what will I need?
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(This stuff smells amazing! I love it!)
The first thing I would do is clean with TSP,  Then I sanded to break the finish with my flexible sandpaper, and followed up with higher grits to smooth it back out.  Next I wiped everything down with a vinegar water mixture and sprayed 2 coats of shellac. WE ARE READY!
I like to set them up and flip them upside down to really get to those legs…
This is one coat, I followed this up by brushing in the modern masters gold and laying the Wise Owl Abyss at the top of the stands and dragging it down,.. Then I sanded it all smooth…
Much of the gold faded back so I decided to paint more back in and feather it back,.. 
I loved how the wood tones and gold played together!
So I decided to stain the tops and add some gold stenciling using the Modern Masters Gold! 6 Coats of clear and a gentle sanding between each would follow.  On the sides of the drawers I painted Unicorn SPiT in Zia Teal, distressed that back and added more stenciling.  That was sealed with a lacquer spray.
So gentle and faint,.. just what I wanted!  The sides were sealed up with Wise Owl Varnish, 2 coats sanded lightly between then I used my lemon salve over everything.  I absolutely LOVE the feel and the water resistant qualities of adding the salve over the varnish protection.
I should mention.  The first day I placed the hardware in a baggie with ketchup.   After a few hours I removed it and scrubbed it a tiny but with a scrubby.  And this is what I ended up with… 
I love when old hardware shines up so beautifully!
And we are done…

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Now for the finale! 
Wanna Try Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint yourself? 

Admittedly, the pictures could have been better! I used a fancier camera I couldn’t seem to work well… 
BUT they are lovely! And all ready for the shop!  I have truly enjoyed working with Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis paint!! (So much so that of ALL I the brands I have tried-its my favorite and I now retail it HERE!)
Just look at a couple of the looks you can get with bundles I have put together!

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Happy Painting!


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