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Think its solid wood? Think again!

No really! Think again! SO often we come across furniture that seems solid and well made and beautifully stained! I recently was blessed with a piece of furniture that quite probably came from the 1800’s Not that I was concerned about it being veneer but I thought SURELY its solid! “They made QUALITY furniture back then..” Don’t we always say that? I began work recently on this gorgeous table.  Again I just knew it was solid,.. it had this beautiful stained top.. I couldnt wait to get to sand it down and work with that grain! Over a little time thought we decided to paint it. Boy would that end up being a blessing! As I began prepping the table I found-It Was NOT SOLID! But its so beautiful and seems so well made! There has to be more to this.  Now I dont know if you knew this BUT 
Veneer is NOT A BAD THING! 
Veneer is actually BETTER than solid wood for many reasons! And no-not only because it costs less. When Veneer is used there are things you can do that are not possible with solid wood.  

So,.. who cares? Any time we prep a piece and sand it back,.. we should! If you sand back too far you will be left with the fibrous board underneath.  It can be nearly impossible to get it right after sanding too far.  The manufactured board will not act anything like the real wood veneer! Here’s some great info I found over at Consignment Northwest.

..for the love of blue...
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