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The Shiplap Wall Hack that can save you Thousands!

Today I get to share with you how I tackled a Faux Shiplap Wall in one afternoon!  Whats even better is you don’t have to have a saw, wood, or any artistic skills at all to create the shiplap paneled cladding LOOK you love!

Disclosure Statement: This post has been created in exchange for monetary and/or other compensation.  You can read my full disclosure statement HERE.
So, there is this wall.
Before Faux Shiplap
When we moved in, in ’09 I didn’t mind it!  The kitchen/dining area was a cute country area,..  Then I began to feel artsy and decided I wanted a WOW wall.  If you don’t know yet, creative people aren’t know for being the most logical,.. or sane.
Before Faux Shiplap
I know, but truly it wasn’t that bad,. I liked it!
Before Faux Shiplap
…for like a month.
THEN I was all about Pure and Original FRESCO!
Before Faux Shiplap
So much so that I tried it in MANY different ways,.. all of which you an find HERE and finally HERE
Before Faux Shiplap
Here is the thing about this finish.  Its lovely.  Its COMPLETELY gorgeous! …and its COMPLETELY NOT ME!  I mean,.. That Sweet Tea Life has little to do with this rather upscale look.  I’m a little more of a shiplap style girl.  HOWEVER, to be fair,.. considering I have changed my wall 5 times in as many years,.. I have NO business putting a gazillion holes in, or gobs of liquid nails all over my wall to accommodate Shiplap.  None.  If you think I do, just refer back to the teal wall above.
So I decided I would just paint a faux shiplap!
It was time to gather the Goods!  I feel STRONGLY about using what I need to get the bulk of the work done so I can get to the fun stuff! So, enter…
I reached out to Homeright to see if I could try out the EZ Twist Paint Stick and they obliged! 
Faux Shiplap done in an inexpensive way
So then I had to get the rest of the goods together! 
I went with Valspar Signature Paint in “Tottens Inlet”.  I wanted the perfect non-bright white that was warm like parchment paper but not yellow! (If you look at it online, you will quite possibly see a inaccurate representation, as it looks TAN on my screen)
Homeright EZ Twist Stick
Within an hour, from the time I opened the EZ-Twist, and read the directions, to the time I took this picture was just over an hour!  What I LOVED is I was able to get the FULL WHITE coverage I wanted in ONE COAT!
Homeright EZ Twist Stick
Now I could move on to the details!
I would need:
Those are clickable links for your shopping and informational convenience!  When you shop through my links I sometimes make a small commission.
Using the measuring tape I went to the far left end of wall to mark off where the “planks” would begin.  I would space them 8″ apart.  I then went to the middle of the wall then the far right of the wall and repeated this.
Shiplap Wall Hack
Next, I would use my pencil and level and begin to connect the dots.   The level would help me ensure the plank lines were rather, well,.. level.
Shiplap Wall Hack
Now, I would take my glaze and create a 50/50 mix with water.  This prevents the lines from appearing too harsh.. Using the glaze and water mix, I took my thin artists brush and painted over the lines.  The best part was it didn’t need to be perfect! What I wanted to recreate the shadowy lines between the wood cladding.
Shiplap Wall Hack
Now to decorate.  Papas table is perfect and so are the Windsor Back chairs he gave me.. But what about the rest?
Shiplap Wall Hack
Im trying a few things but you cant see it yet! This dining room kitchen combo is being turned upside down!  BUT I have to say,.. finally, I think I am in a cozy warm love with the direction we are going!  Who knows,.. maybe one day I will take on real ship lap! But,.. why when this really looks so great?!
I have so much to do still but I am so happy I asked Homeright to help me out.  My EZ-Twist PaintStick made it all much more painless and a LOT more fun!  Thanks so much for stopping into
That Sweet Tea Life!

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