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The Finishing Touch ~ Country Chic White Wax, and FINALLY a GIVEAWAY!

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Have I ever said how I love my job?
I love my job(s).
Sweet Tea Refinishing using Country Chic Metallic Cream

Working with The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest™, I had the opportunity to work with lots of amazing brands and explore their products!  I had the pleasure of working with Country Chic Paint.  You can see my inspiration piece as well as all the contestants work HERE.  Working with their Metallic Cream was SO much fun!
Now, recently I picked up a can of white wax that had been sitting in my cabinet for quite some time and realized I LOVE WHITE WAX!  What I didn’t love though is how it made me feel!! My sinuses were wrecked and before I knew it a migraine set in.  As I felt it coming on I grabbed the can and noticed it had solvents in it.  (Womp Womp Womp) So I began the hunt for an all natural white wax.  It couldn’t be that hard right? I was really surprised!  Then I remembered someone telling me how they loved Country Chic’s White Wax back during the contest.  I checked out their website and sure enough,.. there it was.  So, I reached out to them.  Is it All natural?? I wanted to test it out. You can see the comparison HERE!  Also, they have incredible tutorials! Just look! I LOVE getting their email updates which include all sorts of great information! Want to know an AWESOME trick to painting spindles-yeah go check them out. 🙂

 Soon it was time to put it to work!! I had this sweet little table I found that has great details!  I painted it in a historical color known as Charleston Green that I made custom which you can see HERE!  There is something I love about looking at old buildings,.. the old weathered paint,.. the shutters chalking up and the white chalky substance maybe running down the house,.. If I had a great picture I would share it now! But,. I dont so, carrying on.. here is the table status quo.
Sweet Tea Refinishing Carved Gate Leg Table
Sweet Tea Refinishing Carved Gate Leg Table

Cute right?? But,.. it felt too polished,.. I loved the chippy style, but I wanted a more deeply aged look.  Que my beloved white wax.
Like I said- so easy to use! You can see me using it HERE.
After applying all over and wiping away the excess, I love going back with an artists brush to fill in details,..

I love the way the wax goes in a subtly accentuates all those carved features! Ok so Im sure you want to see the full after?

See the Difference??   It gives the perfect aged look I was hoping for! 
Now whats even better?? YOU have the chance to win your very OWN Country Chic White Wax among other FaBuLoUs Country Chic Products!

Thats it! If you have not subscribed already you will see that cute little Hello Bar at the top where you can input your email address!
(I promise it wont be sold off or otherwise used to annoy you!)

And here is the not so small small print:
By subscribing before
You will automatically be entered to win.
If you have already subscribed-you are already entered!
All Subscribers will be entered and ONE person will be selected randomly by using www.Random.Org
The winner will be announced here and contacted via email by
Monday September 26th
The Winner has until Midnight Tuesday September 27th 
to reply to their email in order to claim their prize.  
If they do not, another winner will be chosen and announced and given until 
Thursday September 29th. See the pattern? 🙂 

That Giveaway is over, but you can check and see if I have another going on now HERE!  I try to keep something going! I love having the opportunity to bring you great products!
Alright! Go enter and be sure to share with your friends so they can to! 
Until then, Happy Painting Y’all!!

ALL you need to know about White Wax! ...and which one is right for you!
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Thea Osborne

Tuesday 18th of October 2016

Thank You so much for letting me know!! It should be working now. :-)

Karen Howell

Tuesday 18th of October 2016

There was a problem with the link to see you using the wax. I tried both of them. Is it not available any more?


Monday 19th of September 2016

I already love Country Chic, but now I want to play with white wax ?

Heidi Rivera

Monday 19th of September 2016

Thank you for sharing! Love the piece. Look forward to more awesome tips.

chatty marie

Monday 19th of September 2016

Table is beautiful, love how the white wax enhances the details

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