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take pause…

From the time we are able to walk,.. there is some sort of flee instinct.. There is that thing that says to just go run and hide in a closet. Sometimes its because we are scared. Sometimes we are just needing to get away from it all, its all too much,.. sometimes there is just this PRESSURE.  We want so much to believe that if we just go and shut out the world it will all just go away!  Maybe the scary stuff will just leave!  Maybe the forces all around us will just give up and go,… As adults we come to learn that normally-They Dont.  When we peek from behind the door they are still there waiting for us.  …and typically the longer we shut ourselves in that closet, the Things pile up and become even worse, even bigger than when we “went away”.  Ugh. But I wanna! Im ready I believe to just stop… There is just so much to tend to and I really just dont feel like I am able to do it all…
Im grateful.  Im so grateful and I know I am for the opportunity given me with this budding business… But juggling life *well* alongside it? Juggling life ALONE without it!?  Ever felt like you were just drowning… ??  I firmly believe if God has willed it then He will provide!  So I never linger here long,.. but the time between “I just dont know..” and “I can do it!” wow.. it feels so rough sometimes,.. 
Refocus … I just have to refocus.  Concentrating on all I feel weighing down on me, isnt going to move me.  Its not going to make anything better.  Scripture states Do not worry! Even the birds are taken care of!  ..its getting cold, time to just fly south.. but I gotta flap my wings… or I will just stand still…and freeze in the snow and ice,..   Refocus… Whats directly in front of me?   Whatever you do, do it with all  your heart,. as unto the Lord.. Refocus,.. Breathe,.. Refocus,..  now focus..  

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