At one point in time I sold products, but I quickly realized that I dont enjoy the sales process and am NOT a good sales person! Id give it all away! Really my heart is to teach and encourage creators and then just point you in the direction to buy products I love direct!

When it comes to most paint projects, I will generally point you directly to Dixie Belle and here is why: they have it all. As someone that spends a large portion of my time teaching and guiding the one thing I never like is a variable! The less variables we can encounter the easier it is for you to learn especially in an online environment!

From prep to embellishing to sealing. Dixie Belle has you covered! They provide everything you need to get the job done which helps to build your personal process and creative confidence! If you ever wonder what I would do or recommend you can always contact me and I am happy to help!

Now, just click the banner here to purchase your own Dixie Belle products! When you do there is a possibility I will earn a small commission too! That income helps me to continue to bring you the content you love!

Happy Creating!