Ssssshhhhhhhh,…… Its a Secret….

A few weeks back I was contacted,.. I think it was late in the evening, by a “colleague“,.. a peer? Im not even sure how to refer to her!  We have “known OF” each other for quite some time and admired each others work for probably about as long,.. each of us, as well as others praying for Gods will.  Each of the pieces to this puzzle completely in love with Gods plan for our lives and just chomping at the bit to see it come to fruition!! ….but what would it be?  I took up painting and refinishing and thanked God for the outlet and gift.  “be still” would become my theme.  I tried not to chase business but rather just grow naturally… 

So the message came and I remember looking at it thinking,. I cant even digest this right now.  I took a minute to find a quiet spot and then read.. digested,.. and replied.


This would be the beginning of a rather quickly unfolding opportunity.  The ladies I would be connected with were each an absolute inspiration to me and we all had one very specific thing in common.
We each had begun to grow our craft and felt gifted in one area or another.  But each had the question: “Now what?” And not JUST now what!  If its God that has blessed us with this gift then surely there is some plan, some WAY that He has intended for us to use it to glorify Him! Each of us had been fervently praying that He reveal to us how we can use His gifts in His kingdoms work.  As we all sat together in the very first, ‘Ive never met you before but hi!’, meeting,.. my eyes welled up.  Each person as we went around the table touched on this desire,.. this deep seeded prayerful hope that God would reveal this to them.  I myself KNOWING just how fervently I had carried that prayer.   
Soon after that meeting would come talk, and deliberation, and planning and excursions! …as of which are still taking place at this moment.  

One project I have been blessed to take on is this amazing pie safe.. 
Now dont look too hard, it truly may fall over.  But I just love it!  Soon, you will see it brought back to glory and usefulness! 

A second project is a table. This table was built by one of the collaborators on the project, Susie.  She recently embarked on an adventure called “She Builds By Design” (Take a minute to go like her page!)
Susie hand built the table and I had the absolute privilege of finishing it! If you don’t know this is a “Shanty 2 Chic” Design.  They are amazing, and offer all sorts of build ideas and plans! Who knew?? I sure didn’t! 
Now many of you know,.. I haven’t always been a shabby gal.  I was skerrreddd…. I only tinkered with “Strategic Distress” But I have come to REALLY Enjoy more rustic finishes!! Still,. I am stretegic.. but this guy,.. I took a hammer and nails and chisel and 40grit sand paper and wire brush and any other interesting tool I could find to beat it up! ….strategically of course… 

I stained it with CeCe Caldwells Hickory Stain+Finish.  I knew I wanted to reveal the stain when I distressed so the stain+finish I knew would dry with a sheen that would mean I could do just that. Once that dried I applied a “crumb coat” of Pure and Original in White (Its my favorite white paint. A true white, not creamy,.. not blue or grey.. White) Just a few minutes later I applied a nice thick layer. for full coverage.  Once that dried I began to distress.. and distress more and more.  I said I was skerrrddd!! But I had to keep going in order to achieve the look we wanted for the design! Then with an artist brush I began to paint in extra stain where needed for dramatic effect! You really want to draw contrast.  Ill try to get you some pictures of the places I created more depth than naturally existed.. but here is where we landed.

Mainly areas painted in stain using an artists brush.. 
Build and finish number one done and plenty more to go!! But just this has been such a great beginning,.. I cant wait to share more!! Till then,.. 

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