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Spray It Pretty! ~A Thomasville Steal in Teal

I love working with Amazing Sponsors and  Homeright sent me their fabulous Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer to “Spray It Pretty”! **Cue the harps and singing angels**  These guys have all sorts of awesome DIY products, like their new Spray Shelter!
(You may catch a glimpse of it as you read on.. )
And this guy could not have shown up at a better time! 
I introduce to you my Thomasville Steal!
Do not let this pretty picture fool you.  He was in rough shape! Solid but abused. However, I was looking to find something that fit the needs of my client who wanted clean lines, legs, and an area for media storage.  With a little work and imagination-I knew this would be great! 
But I had a lot to do.  First, disassemble. I began with taking off the doors and the backside to allow access! I removed any unnecessary trim that would prohibit clearance.  This allowed a 20″ width in the center versus a 16″ width. Finally I removed the drawer tracks-which could only be done from the backside. 
On to the prep work.  Of course I wanted a nice smooth surface so I began sanding with an orbital sander.  I removed the finish as well as any bonus “goop”. Once everything was sanded well, I used a cleaner to wipe down everything meticulously!
Now to build in the media boxes! I knew I wanted to add sturdy shelves.  The particle board that was already in place was sagging and definitely not made to withstand any weight placed on it.  I used 1/4″ birch plywood.  I decided I also did not like the raw edges so I built up walls and used trim to cover the front.  Everything was glued and brad nailed in place.  Notice as well, my client wanted it elevated off the ground! So legs would have to be added on…
Once everything was in place, I used wood filler to fill any holes left behind from old screws or nails.  Again I sanded and cleaned to make ready for refinishing! 
I was so excited to get to put it to use! After you are consumed in transforming and re-purposing something,.. sometimes you look at it and think,.. “Can I be done with you now?”  But its ok! The Fine Finish Max will make light work of these final steps! Right? 
So I may have been a little too hopeful that I could spray the primer with the finish max.  Or then again I may have been too scared! Per the directions on the can, it IS sprayable! But as I began to get the viscosity right using the AWESOME no guess work needed Viscosity Cup that comes with the sprayer, ….I chickened out.  Yes it is a water based primer, easy enough! …but, I just did not want to water it down enough to work properly with the sprayer.  So, I brushed it on. Maybe I will try it again one day for REAL.
Once the primer dried properly I went to work getting the paint JUST right.  I went to my new favorite color.  I call it Coastal Patina, as it is a mixture of General Finishes Coastal Blue and Patina Green.  Something I would encourage you to invest in-should you decide to get your own Paint Sprayer is a strainer!  I strain my paint-especially when using a sprayer.  It takes a little more work in the beginning but it saves you a TON of work later on.  Just look how much clogging potential was caught!
Can you see all those lumps?! Those would have wreaked so much havoc! Whew,.. crisis averted. 
I had enough paint to fill 1/3 of the paint container attached to the sprayer.  Armed and ready I went outside to my patient.  Said patient was waiting inside my oh so useful Homeright Spray Shelter! This thing is GREAT! No worries of over spray drifting where it should not and there is no bottom, which makes manipulating it as needed SO EASY!  I have to say, this company puts a lot of thought and effort into making their products 
so user friendly!

Using the sprayer, I began going over the dresser turned media stand, each pass slightly overlapping the one before.  The spray came out in such a nice, fluid, yet fine mist.  It was not splotchy, nor were there any places where the paint gathered, ready to drip.  I was incredibly impressed with the consistency.  The nozzle stayed clear! There was no splatter! I have used other sprayers that were significantly more expensive, yet this sprayer with its ease of use, and performance will EASILY become my go to tool! I completed the spraying and stepped away for it to dry under the protection of my Spray Shelter.  That 1/3 canister full of paint, did this huge project-and then some.  I was able to do a second pass and used a brush and remaining paint in the canister to do small touch ups.  
Talk about Spraying it Pretty! That drab, worn wood is now GORGEOUS in this teal hue! And so very smooth thanks to the Finish Max!
Do you see those leaves! My finish would have been doomed I tell ya! Whats awesome is I was able to spray into all the tiniest little nooks and crannies! The spray Shelter was able to be tilted and laid forward to allow back side access, so I was able to completely spray the inside of the shelving too.

Just look at all the awesome Homeright Paint Products you can choose from! I love them!  Click on the image for all the information you need or to purchase from amazon! (Aflinks)

Now to assemble.     
After I painted the inside of the back I was able to place the back on and use a staple gun to fasten it in place.  …and we are done!  This pretty piece is soon on its way to be a beautiful accent for someones living room.  Lots of storage as well as new shelving for media components.
I can not wait to see this in my clients home!!  Thank you SO much Homeright for the Finish Max!  It made the final push so much more feasible! When you have the right tools, you look forward to really taking on tasks that require more work! You can bet I will be using my Finish Max on many more projects! 

So much prettier right?! Great transformation! 
Thanks for stopping by That Sweet Tea Life!

…You should also go check out how my buddy Fern used her sprayer to complete this adorable table!
Such an adorable table!! Want to try it but nervous?? You should seriously come join us at Drink Paint Love Repeat!  Its a Facebook group created to help and encourage artists at all levels!  hope to see you soon!

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Saturday 3rd of December 2016

Appreciate your unusual and at the same time creative way of writing. I like your site very well and continue to do so. I have bookmarked your site.  Cubicle Relocation Chicago

Maximum Cleaning

Friday 29th of January 2016

I love the contrast on the color. It was so nice! Thanks for having the contest.

Rehab to Fab, Stephanie

Saturday 24th of October 2015

You get my vote for sure!!

Thea Osborne

Friday 23rd of October 2015

Thank you Kimm! So for I believe and hope they are in LOVE! :-)

Kimm Boes

Friday 23rd of October 2015

Very pretty! I love the color, and the legs are awesome. I'm sure your clients were thrilled!

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