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So ya want a Hoosier?

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Do you know what a Hoosier Cabinet is?  
While the origin of the word Hoosier is up for debate the cabinet itself appears to have originated in Indiana in the mid to late 1800s with the Hoosier Manufacturing Company becoming incorporated in 1899.  The Hoosier Cabinet was meant to be an incredibly efficient work space for smaller kitchen areas. 
Courtesy of
I had long dreamed of owning one and had laid that aside for some time… but recently began having SO much fun braving custom color blends which you can read about Here, Here, and Here that I began to realize how nice it would be to have a work space with a non-porous surface! (Yes,.. I can get a bit messy,..HA!) I began picturing the old enamel top tables and the tops often found on Hoosier Cabinets… BUT I knew… if I had a Hoosier either I would NEVER want to use it, OR I would use it and absolutely ruin it! ….then be miserably upset at myself.
Source Unknown
Source: The Overlooked History of  Kitchen Cabinetry
Karen at Somewhat Quirky Design
Arent they fabulous!?!? I especially loved the one from Karen at Somewhat Quirky Design! (Go check her out!) 
Now the debate would come in,.. where would Form meet Function?? 
Another thing is I only wanted the bottom portion since there would be a window above.
Nothing great comes easy right?? 
Well this time it did! I put out a BOLO and wouldnt you know the very same day I was pointed in the direction of an ad for a cabinet,. at first glance there was no way-but then I noticed what looked like a slide-out.. 
Do you know what the typical Hoosier costs? …at least $500 for a decent one.  I would be silly to pay that much for something I probably want to paint and will likely be rather abused… so When this guy popped up for $40 I decided GAME ON!
Now to make it look like a Hoosier…. I decided I wanted a classic white look with polished brass.
First thing was contacting D. Lawless Hardware-My go to hardware source! (Thats a link, you should go check em out!) I had to find the perfect hardware to pull off the look!
And in just a couple days,.. these beauties arrived!
How lovely!!!  
So the work began… 
First I added casters to the bottom so its INCREDIBLY FUNCTIONAL!
And I began… Using Country Chic All in One Paint in “Simplicity” I began to refinish,.. really not knowing exactly where I wanted to go with it! Part of me really loves two tone… But I pressed forward. Remember how I wanted a non porous top??  I decided to go to a local glass shop and get a top cut for it!
 I could either paint the back side white to look like an enamel top, or leave it transparent to see the wood top.. decisions, decisions,.. But this glass top would allow me to keep the work surface as well as the extra slide out! 
I think I may have just decided I want to paint the glass top,.. but until then I will let you see the “current” after photos!  

Soon I will post an update! Like I said I already decided to paint up the glass and now I am thinking time to antique and distress it up! So,.. have you subscribed?? You should so you can catch the updates!  & I have so much I am working on right now!! So much to share! Be sure to check out my sponsors Country Chic Paint and D Lawless Hardware!   Until next time… 
Thanks for visiting That Sweet Tea Life!Happy Painting Y’all!

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Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Very nice job. Looking for a top section now? I'm subscribing so I can see that renovation....eventually?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.