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Do you know about Amazon Smile? When you shop through their Smile program, Amazon donates a portion of the sale to a non profit of your choosing!  As of May 2017 Amazon has donated over $54 BILLION !!
So here is my Amazon Smile Affiliate link! Not only do you help to support me and my family with every purchase you make through this link,.. but you get to choose an Organization for Amazon to give to as well! As you can see from the number above-it all adds up!
And the best new? It costs you NOTHING EXTRA! Gotta love that!
Now here you can see some of my all time favorite products to purchase from Amazon!
Furniture Painting!




Social Media!

The stand. Only the Stand. But this hooks up to my phone (After I get the selfie kit) as well as my camera! This is for work and play.  I record baseball games as well as DIYs!

The selfie kit comes with another small tripod for light work.  The Phone holder ATTACHES to the tripod above! Dont spend $80+ on a special camera holder for your tripod! Its NOT Necessary!

Ive tried several lenses.  OlloClip is a little system of cases and lenses that FIT together! Many lenses ended up cutting off part of the line of sight on my camera! AND would end up shattering the tempered glass protector on my screen.  Here I get the Wide Angle and Macro lens I need PLUS they attach to the case perfectly, and stay in tact.

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