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Reclaimed and Reloved,.. with the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company

**This is a sponsored post,.. though I ADORE my sponsors generosity, my opinions shall not be swayed!  Be sure to find the clickable links for the products I used, so you can try them out yourself!**
I have come to really enjoy reclaimed works.. since recently joining forces with some other fabulous ladies.  One, Susie Palensky of “She Builds By Design” has come up with some amazing reclaimed builds I have had the pleasure of putting the finishing touches on!
So just a couple weeks ago this sweet piece landed in my lap….
“She Builds By Design” Creation

With reclaimed boards at the base, and a salvaged window creating the top of this shadowbox, now she just had to add legs.
“She Builds By Design” Creation
And she found the perfect ones! These are vintage, unfinished, hand turned legs…
Time to break out my oh so reliable products from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company!! I love using their products to revitalize pieces that are reclaimed and have character I want to preserve.
I would start by sealing the interior where the reclaimed boards are.
For this I would use Hope’s 100% Tung Oil.  This is not to be confused with “Tung Oil Finish”.  100% Tung Oil is rubbed in and hardens to a water and alcohol resistant finish that is hard like a varnish!  It seeps into the wood to really protect it.  Some may tell you to beware the smell, personally I enjoy it! It has a natural, nutty smell that I love.  I simply brush it on, and after at least an hour, I wipe off any excess.  I repeat this the next day.  Hope’s Tung Oil can be used on wood as well as over a porous paint surface!  (Like Old Fashioned Milk Paint)
This is Hopes 100% Tung Oil over Old Fashioned Milk Paint in “Pitch Black” …and yes its really black! (Not grey or charcoal..)
This piece is currently in my living room since I wanted to truly test out Tung Oil,.. Its held up so incredibly well! (And we arent gentle..)  Ive been quite impressed!
After using Tung Oil on the reclaimed bottom, I painted the other area that called for paint.  For the body I would use Old Fashioned Milk Paint in “Snow White” and for the legs I would use “Barn Red”…  Using a sander and steel wool, I went over the window to smooth everything out.  
Clear Daddy Vans Wax in Lavender would be used to moisturize and seal the salvaged window and the area that had been painted in Old Fashioned Milk Paint.  For the legs I would actually work in the wax with Steel Wool,.. I then went back in with Daddy Vans “Antique Brown” Wax and rubbed it all over with the steel wool.  I would remove any excess with a soft cloth,.. I kind of loved the finish,.. the steel wool had a way of really smoothing everything out and just slightly distressing the legs,..

And we have a lovely Reclaimed and Reloved Shadow Box Coffee Table,.. 

Snow White and Barn Red Old Fashioned Milk Paint on a salvaged table
Details of the repurposed window into table using old fashioned milk paint
I love the silky smooth feel of the finish,.. the soft sheen and old world feel… 
As always,.. thank you for stopping in to Sweet Tea Refinishing! Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments, or share away!!
I cant wait to share with you the INCREDIBLE space this guy is going in! Until then,.. Happy Painting Yall!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.