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“Pure Colors, Original Elegance” The April 2016 Fab Furniture Flippin Contest!

** You are about to read a lot of awesomeness that also contains affiliate links and see work completed using sponsored products.  ALL opinions, however, are absolutely my own 

and are unswayed by their incredible generosity! **
Its TIME!!
Another Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest™ is getting underway!!

And Guys,.. I may have squealed a bit when I found out who this months sponsor is! 

..I mean total Fan Girl Squeal!! 

Yes, April’s Sponsor is…
…. I’ll just sit here and let you get it out of your system….

Are you good now?

Ok,  So for those that do not know, Pure & Original is a luxury brand. Imported from the Netherlands to the USA, Pure & Original paints are crafted ‘in the old way’ and are environmentally-friendly, with little to no VOC.

They Offer 3 different products.

This month we have the pleasure of working with 


a thick, chalk-based paint with natural pigments, applies effortlessly to walls and furniture and requires no primer. Drying surprisingly fast and to an intense, matte color, Classico’s resilient finish requires no sealant. Classico may be thinned with water to achieve the painter’s desired application consistency. Classico is available in more than 130 colors.

….130 COLORS?? How do we possibly choose??

This month The Fab Furniture Flippin, Contest™ has the absolute privilege of hosting SIXTY contestants to compete for a prize package valued at over $1000!!

Just take take a look! And all products are tinted to the WINNERS color preference!

Pure & Original Prize Package

1 Euro Gallon of Fresco Lime Paint $125

1 Fresco Brush $32

1 Euro Gallon of Marrakech Walls $134

1 Marrakech Walls Trowel/Spatula $32

2 1 Euro Gallon of Wall Primer Tinted $212

1 Euro Gallon of Dead Flat Eco Seal $130

1 Hand-Painted Classico Color Card $10

1 Classico Sample Pack $60

One hour of application consultation 

(via Skype) with a P&O; expert $150

Free shipping to continental USA

I believe I would be in a state of shock.  Good luck to whoever the winner may be!!  I am anticipating an unrivaled amount of competition and talent this go around!  …and an unrivaled amount of excitement to match!! 

Want to try it for yourself?? Well NOW is the time!!

During the Month of April you can get TWO Quarts of their Classico Paint for $70!  

Need help deciding on a color?? Email me HERE!

Ready to order?? Click HERE!

Personally I am just excited to have a gorgeous piece to work 
some of this Pure and Original magic on! 
Introducing Mrs Clients Buffet.

She inherited it from her grandmother.  How often do we find ourselves appreciating the quality and the sentimental value attached to these inherited pieces but,.. 
we want to LOVE them! 

We decided for the look we wanted a true Grey.  Not a greige,.. GREY. For this I decided with the help of our amazing sponsors representatives to order “Tin Kettle” We also wanted to add sort of a white washed effect to bring out the details so I also ordered “White” and yes, its just as pure and simple as the name!

Its a very pure white..
You can get your own HERE! ~> TIN KETTLE   WHITE
(Affiliate links)
Pure and Original Classico Paint in Tin Kettle and White, Dead Flat Eco Sealer and Hand Painted Color Card

I also ordered the “Dead Flat Eco Sealer” as well as a 

hand painted color card.  

Generally you do not have to top coat Pure & Original paint.  However if you are concerned about spills and such (like with a dining room buffet) then it may be a good idea. 

Its all personal preference.  

The Hand Painted Color cards are a GREAT investment!  I recommend purchasing it and the Eco Sealer first, then you can decide on colors once you receive the 
hand painted card!

As for me,.. its time to get started!

The piece had a yellowed finish on it (not seemingly from nicotine) with brown specks and glaze that appears to be from the factory.

Prep was quite simple.  I cleaned with Simple Green, lightly sanded the surface with 100 grit sand paper, then wiped down with a 50/50 vinegar/water mix.

The next day I came in and applied what I call a crumb coat.  You know that thin coat you start off a cake with? Its not pretty,…. but it does its job!  At this point I sort of freaked.  Typically I would have added a oil based primer, or shellac,.. and I hadnt. *GASP* Heres to praying I wouldn’t regret this. Moving along it was a matter of just layering and getting the look I wanted.
I have to say this is the easiest paint I have ever worked with! The texture is absolutely silky smooth! I was able to layer and work the paint with ease.  I didn’t find any of the paint rolling, gumming up or becoming unworkable.  I continued to work and rework the paint until I reached the look I wanted… I was truly impressed with the adhesion!  As soon as it seemed dry I sanded to create more depth. Then I was struck by how little I needed to sand between coats! I used my faithful F40 Cling On brush and simply brushed it on but there were no brush marks once it dried! There weren’t any excessive particles.  I could not believe how silky smooth the finish felt even without any extra work!
Pure and Original Tin Kettle and White

Pure and Original Tin Kettle and White

Pure and Original Tin Kettle and White

Pure and Original Tin Kettle and White

Pure and Original Tin Kettle and White

Pure and Original Tin Kettle and White
I will definitely be incorporating more Classico into my work whenever possible! This is not just paint! It bonds to the piece and becomes part of what you are painting,. aaahhh… 
Thank you so much to Pure and Original for sponsoring this months contest!! I am a true fan!

All of the Fab Flippin Contest™ hosts were given the privilege of trying out Pure and Original for themselves! Be sure to check out their inspiration pieces as well!! 

Evey of Evey’s Creations (Co-Creator) 
Stacy of Anastasia Vintage (Co-Creator) 
Lynn of Fern Avenue
Carrie of Thirty Eighth Street
Colleen of 58 Water Street

 Now what about you? Are you an active DIY blogger? Would you like to come have some fun with the

Fab Furniture Flippin Contest

Go check out and 

follow the social media links to see more! 

Then EMAIL US HERE! Send us a link to your blog as well as some examples of your work! Happy Fab Furniture Flippin!!

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Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

I love this one, too. It's a beautiful piece with truly great paint. Great job. Susie from The Chelsea Project

Thea Osborne

Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Thank you Amy!! I loved the story! :-)

Thea Osborne

Monday 9th of May 2016

Thank you Thank you Susie!! Much appreciated coming from you! ;-)

Thea Osborne

Monday 9th of May 2016

Such kind words,.. if only you had seen it up close before! haha!! Thank you!

Thea Osborne

Monday 9th of May 2016

Isnt it a GREAT color?? Love!!

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