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11 Paint Colors for Bedroom with Dark Furniture

Putting a new coat of paint on the walls might be a perfect idea if you’re looking to spice up your living space and complement your furniture. In finding the perfect paint color for a bedroom, you’ll want to pick something that brings out the best in the decor you already have.

Finding a good paint match for your furniture may seem intimidating, especially if you have dark furniture. However, with a little thought, you can pick the right shade in no time!

Keep reading to find out about the 11 best paint colors for bedroom with dark furniture.

Dark paint colors for bedroom with dark furniture

Whites, Beiges, and Creams

When working with dark furniture, your first thought is probably going to be to contrast the darkness with a very light color. This classic design instinct is right on track!

With the right shade of white, beige, or cream, this family of paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture is sure to create the sense of light and spaciousness you’re looking for.

If you want your dark furniture to really pop against the color of the wall, then pure white paint is the color for you. On the other hand, if you want more of an enhancement of your dark furniture and less of a contrast, an off-white shade like a beige or cream is the better solution.

White – Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White

Paint Chip of Benjamin Moore Oxford White

Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White is a classic eggshell white that will add some much-needed dimension to any space. As one of many potential paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture, we can easily say that it’s one of our favorites.

One feature that makes this shade so perfect is that it’s bright without being overwhelmingly so. It provides the ideal counterpart to dark furniture, just not in an overbearing way.

Beige – Diamond Brite’s Autumn Beige

Paint Chip Diamond Bright Autumn Beige

Diamond Brite’s Autumn Beige may evoke the soft shades of fall, but it’ll look fabulous on your walls at all times of the year.

This paint color offers the perfect color balance needed in a beige, especially one that goes with dark furniture. Specifically, it’s not too yellow-tinted and doesn’t stray into the territory of being overly brown.

Cream – Prestige Paint’s Cream in My Coffee

Paint Chip for Prestige Cream in My Coffee

After purchasing Prestige Paint’s Cream in My Coffee, you’ll want this stunning shade of cream on all the walls in your house, not just in your coffee! This high-quality paint has a warm, full-color payoff when put on the walls.

As with most white paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture, it might take you more than one coat to achieve full coverage. For this product, it’s definitely worth the extra elbow grease!


You can take two different directions when figuring out which shade of green might be the best for your bedroom.

The first direction in a search for the best green paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture is choosing something a little paler and more natural that will allow your decor to take center stage without washing it out. If this sounds like the right fit for you, pick up a can of sage green paint online or at your local hardware store.

On the other hand, the second direction will provide you with a dramatic pop of color that still brings out the best in your furniture. To achieve this balance, try out some hunter-green paint.

Sage Green – KILZ TRIBUTE’s Weeping Willow

Paint Chip of Kilz Weeping Willow

KILZ TRIBUTE’s Weeping Willow can revitalize even the most tired of bedrooms! Despite its name, there won’t be a tear in sight once you’ve applied this charming color to your walls.

Compared to many other warmer paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture, this product is a fairly cool shade of green. However, the cool tones of this paint will bring out the contrast of your dark furniture perfectly and create an inviting environment.

Hunter Green – Glidden’s Mountain Forest

Paint chip of Glidden Mountain Forest

In search of a bold but stylish forest green paint? Glidden’s Mountain Forest has you covered! Even though the hue of this specific paint is on the darker side, it’s sure to brighten up your bedroom with a pop of color.

This classic color can freshen up even the most modern of living spaces. It dries fairly quickly and evenly, leaving you with a masterpiece by the time the project is finished.


Gray is a sophisticated and subtle color that is sure to upgrade your interior decor.

Because of its versatility, there’s a huge range of gray paints for bedrooms with dark furniture that will make your space look better than ever.

For example, a lighter gray will enhance your decor through a refined contrast, while a darker gray will make the space appear larger and provide some resonance without matching the color of the furniture too much.

Below you’ll find two of the best options for gray paint out there:

Light Gray – Diamond Brite’s Soft Gray

Paint Chip of Soft Gray

Diamond Brite’s Soft Gray packs a punch, both in its reasonable price point and its effectiveness! This is a delicate yet reliable shade that really gets the job done.

A little goes a long way with Diamond Brite’s paint in Soft Gray! This particular brand of paint has solid coverage that will noticeably help the painting process along.

Dark Gray – Benjamin Moore’s Rock Gray

Paint Chip of Rock Gray

Benjamin Moore’s Rock Gray is a sleek, dark gray paint that feels comforting but isn’t so dark that it seems suffocating when applied to all your bedroom walls.

This paint is so easy to work with that even a beginner can seem like a professional painter! It’s definitely one of the most seamless out of all the paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture.

While this specific brand of paint is on the pricier end of the spectrum, its quality definitely makes up for the sticker shock you might experience.


Blue is a chic yet relaxing paint color option! Some shades of blue work better than others for bedrooms with dark furniture, so steer clear of lighter colors like sky blue or baby blue for the greatest success.

If painting all of your bedroom walls with a darker shade, like navy blue, seems a little too intense for your own personal color palette, there are still ways you can incorporate it into your color scheme! For example, you could try painting an accent wall navy blue and painting the other walls a light, neutral color like beige or cream.

For a whimsical twist on this theme that combines our recommendations for both green and blue paints, give a teal wall paint a try! You’ll love the unique pop of color that this hue provides.

Navy – Heirloom Traditions’ Polo

Paint Chip of Heirloom Traditions Polo

Heirloom Traditions’ Polo is a stunning dark navy color that is both easy to use and easy to clean up after! The shade itself has a depth that avoids the dullness that darker shades of paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture can sometimes have.

On a technical level, this paint also has a built-in primer and top coat, so purchasing this product will save you time and stress waiting for additional layers to dry.

It’s important to note that Heirloom Traditions’ Polo only comes in a matte finish, so if you want your navy blue walls to shine, you’ll have to purchase an additional top coat to give it that sheen.

Teal – KILZ TRIBUTE’s True Teal

Paint chip of KILZ True Teal

KILZ TRIBUTE’s True Teal is a vibrant and quick-drying paint that only needs a single coat to really do its job. This particular paint is the perfect teal, with an expert mix of green and blue that will complete any bedroom makeover.

Although this paint’s main purpose is covering walls, it also works effectively on cabinets. If you’re looking to freshen up your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, KILZ TRIBUTE’s True Teal might be your answer!


Pink may seem like an unconventional choice when it comes to choosing paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture, but it’s both a fun and effective way to polish your space.

When selecting shades of pink to go with dark furniture, it’s better to focus on more muted hues as well as lighter pinks. Employing this strategy will ensure that you don’t choose a variety of pink paint that will clash with the darker tones of your furniture.

We recommend rose and dusty pink as the optimal pink paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Rose – Benjamin Moore’s Rose Blush

Paint chip of Rose Blush

Benjamin Moore’s Rose Blush is a simple but beautiful rose-colored paint with a stunning hue that’s as true to its original shade on your walls as in the paint can.

Even though this particular paint is among the lighter shades in our round-up, it provides consistent and even coverage when applied.

Dusty Pink – Jolie’s Blossom

Paint Chip Blossom

Jolie Paint’s Blossom is the way to go when it comes to the best dusty pink paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture. This product is formulated specifically for high-traffic areas of your house, so it’ll withstand scuffs and scrapes. All you have to do is wipe it down!

This paint also has a silky texture that makes application a breeze. You’ll want to paint all the rooms in your house with this one after giving it a try.

Plus, this dusty pink paint comes in three different finishes, so there’s an option for you whether you want glossy walls or prefer more of a matte overlay.

Finding the Best Paint Colors for Bedroom with Dark Furniture

Now that you’ve read our round-up of some of the best paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture, you’re ready to go out and buy a can and start painting! Whether navy blue or dusty pink, you can’t go wrong with any of these shades. If you found this article helpful and want to expand your knowledge of paint products, check out our Paint Reviews page for lots of tips and tricks.