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Over the Toilet Decorating Ideas: 5 Cheeky Ideas

When it comes to over the toilet decorating ideas, it can be difficult to get inspired—after all, most people focus on the general ambiance of the bathroom, and the space over the toilet is easy to overlook.

But it’s a fun little space to take advantage of if you want to take your space from dour to delightful, and if you’re struggling to find ideas, look no further—I’ve picked out five of my favorite over the toilet decorating ideas to get you started!

Over the Toilet Decorating Ideas Shelf

Extra Towels

This over the toilet decorating idea is more about practicality than prettiness, but you can still spruce it up to be pleasing to the eye. Having extra towels available to your guests is always a smart move, and you can often find cute designs to double up on style and usefulness.

This isn’t a too-high-effort idea, but you will need to install a towel rack above your toilet. Some houses and apartments come with one already installed above the toilet. If you happen to be lucky enough to live in one of these units, then you’re already set!

If not, however, a towel rack doesn’t take much to install. You’ll likely only need a few screws, a drill, and a level.

Shelf with Towels

If you don’t want a towel rack above the toilet, you can also use a ring, hooks, or a shelf.

If you have a lot of décor in your bathroom already, I suggest choosing solid-colored towels in complementary colors to the rest of your décor rather than a pattern or other design.

If the rest of your bathroom décor is pretty plain, however, I suggest choosing a pattern or design that offers a bit of pop to the overall look!

Clever Signs

This is where the “cheeky” side of over the toilet decorating ideas comes in—there are plenty of signs made specifically for bathroom décor, so no matter which way you lean in your decorating scheme, you can find something that fits your aesthetic.

If you choose to lean on the more humorous side for your over the toilet decorating ideas, you can head to the store and start scanning the displays of signs for puns, jokes, or a clever play on words.

Some of my favorites include pointed reminders to your guests to wash their hands, “bathroom reviews” signs, or particularly corny puns.

Funny Sign over a Toilet

If you want your bathroom to be a more elegant, spa-like, soothing space, you can also find signs with prettier designs and more eloquent sayings. Signs that welcome guests to relax and sport floral or otherwise beautiful patterns are a good choice for this.

The biggest thing to keep in mind here is to choose a sign that matches the rest of your bathroom aesthetic. It’ll be a bit jarring for your guests to walk into an otherwise elegant space with silly sayings hung up everywhere.

Display Shelves

This over the toilet decorating idea is pretty self-explanatory—if you want to add some standing décor to your bathroom, adding some shelving is a great choice.

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You can hang a shelf or two above the toilet to display figurines, extra toiletries such as Q-tips, extra toilet paper, blotting sheets for freshening up makeup, and anything else your guests might need.

This isn’t just an over the toilet decorating idea that can be used practically—you can also use it to hold products to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, such as potpourri, candles, or room spray.

You could also use it to display some elegant baubles such as glass jars, decorative figurines, false flowers or fake houseplants, and other fun display items.

Scent Bar

This is one of my favorite over the toilet decorating ideas! If you throw a lot of events and parties with plenty of friends, it’s likely that keeping themselves smelling fresh is a top concern.

Crowded spaces will inevitably result in heat, which will inevitably result in sweat, especially if your events involve dancing or other active goings-on; not only that, but sometimes party treats will result in bad breath.

Not to worry—you can rescue your guests from these potentially embarrassing situations by preparing your bathroom accordingly. By setting up a “scent bar,” you can offer your guests a way to gracefully save themselves from these worries.

Assortment of Perfume and Cologne Bottles

You can line up an arrangement of perfumes, colognes, body sprays, mouthwash, breath mints, and other items to help them out.

I suggest choosing neutral scents if you can. I prefer subtle, everyday scents like almond, citrus, vanilla, spice, or other smells that will blend naturally with any perfume or cologne they might have applied earlier on in the night to avoid potential clashes.

Just because they’ve started to fade doesn’t mean they’re gone entirely, and you don’t want them to accidentally make their situation worse!

“Emergency” Case

This is a fun over the toilet decorating idea that doubles as a functional way to help your guests avoid embarrassment, much like the scent bar! You can hang an “In Case of Emergency” case over your toilet that functions as a “first-aid kit” of sorts.

This kit will contain items such as instructions for if the absolute worst happens and the toilet plugs (AKA, the number one fear of every party guest!).

It can also contain things like extra toilet paper, tweezers, Q-tips, other toiletries, something to cover a stray zit that might’ve appeared mid-party, stain remover, a mini sewing kit, Band-aids, and/or anything else you think your guests might need.

Basket with Toiletry Items

This over the toilet decorating idea is one of my favorites because it not only saves your guests from embarrassment or panic but it also saves you work!

You won’t have to worry about any guests coming to you in crisis, and you know that they have everything they need at their disposal—you just need to restock between parties, and you’re golden!

Wrapping up Over the Toilet Decorating Ideas

There you have it—all my favorite over the toilet decorating ideas! These are awesome ways to not only spruce up your bathroom but to prepare for any situations that may arise during any part or get-together you host.

Whatever direction you choose to go with your bathroom décor, I hope these ideas have inspired you to get started!

If you’re looking for more decorating ideas for your home, visit our décor section now! You’ll find living room decorating ideas, holiday decorating ideas, and even inspiration for seasonal décor!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.