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My Favorite Things

**This post contains affiliate links! That means I may make a small commission from purchases you make using my links.  It costs you nothing! But it helps me maintain this blog**

…these are a few of my favorite things,… Yep its stuck in my head too. 

I am often asked what I use.  What are my go to products?  What do I trust? What do I like?  So I figured I would finally put a list together of the things I LOVE!

First, we gotta BE the part.  I LOVE my paint shirts!! I even have some that have my business info on them.  Comfy, cute go to shirts that are absolutely fine painted up a bit.

Here are a few examples of what you will find in the #DrinkPaintLoveRepeat Store! 

You can find yours HERE.  Contact me at if you would like your business info added to yours! 

Now, we gotta do the thing!  So what will we need.  My absolute favorite go to paint is Pure & Original “Classico” Style Paint.  Its my absolute go to.  I can blend and layer and never fear of the paint becoming un-workable.  The finished product is matte, gloriously smooth, and gorgeous.  you can see a couple examples HERE and HERE.

You can purchase Pure&Original; Paint Directly from their Website. I recommend starting by ordering their Eco Sealer and Color Card.  It is hand painted! Once you receive it you can decide what colors you want and order those. 

 Brushes.  I will say, with the Pure&Original; paint, I find myself needing special brushes much less!! BUT My favorite brush regardless is the 
Cling On!  Cling on! brushes are synthetic and DURABLE but incredibly soft and work amazingly well!! They come in various styles and sizes…  Its good to have at least one in your arsenal of tools!

AMAZON!! I do SO much shopping from there!! I am able to list things through out the day and sit at my computer on my couch and order it all with fairly good certainty that the prices are fair! With so much work at home-my time away from home has to be pretty important! 

Additionally, a SPRAYER.  Sometimes you really just need to get projects knocked out.  Sometimes you just really want to lay that base coat so you can move on to the rest of the awesome decorative fun! My favorite sprayer is the HomeRight Finish Max and Finish Max Pro.  When you pair either of them with them with the Homeright Spray Shelter- you really increase your chance of a flawless finish!  Read on about my process HERE and get your own essentials below!

I have used them for a wide range of water based or waterborne paints.  I get beautiful results with minimal over spray!  The Spray Shelter with a front flap keeps debris away and over spray contained!

After you get the finish you want you need to protect it!!  By far my favorite go to Top Coat is Polyvine.  You may remember me having a debate over that HERE.

The first one I would use as a go to is their Dead Flat  Wax Varnish.  You can even use it to protect your decorative waxes! 

Dead Flat  Wax Varnish

They have ALL SORTS of products!! But that is the best place to begin!  

So there you have it!  Those are a few of my favorites.  Have questions?? You are always welcome to email me at

Were you looking for info I didnt offer!? You are welcome to ask!

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Thea Osborne

Saturday 21st of January 2017

Thank you! Completely revamping this page is on my to do list... guess I need to bump the importance level! :-)


Thursday 19th of January 2017

Hi Thea, great post! I just wanted to let you know that links where you provide some examples "a couple examples HERE and HERE" don't work. It says "page doesn't exist".

Lori Bixler

Sunday 8th of May 2016

Totally agree with these, just haven't tried the paint yet. My favorite Cling On is the F40. Polyvine is liquid

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.