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11 Gorgeous Ways To Decorate With Modern Wood Wall Decor

Who says modern décor has to be all glinting, gleaming, and metallic? Wood décor is a great asset within modern decoration, too, and it’s a great way to bring an added layer of warmth to your sleek interior design. Read on for some great ideas on how to work modern wood wall décor into your home in a seamless and beautiful way!

Using Wood Colors & Grains in Modern Wood Wall Décor

Different kinds of wood for modern wood wall decor

Though a deep, earthy brown may be something of a default for modern wood wall décor, there are actually a few different variations to consider when deciding on how you want to approach modern wood wall décor for your own living space, office, halls, walls, and more.

Take time to think of what colors of wood and even grains of wood will look good with the rest of your décor items, furniture, and the color of your walls.

For example, dark wood or pale wood with a dark grain threaded through it may make a fantastic addition to a room with pale walls and darker furniture, giving it a real pop of standout color.

On the other hand, if your walls and floors are already dark and your furniture and other decorative pieces are a paler hue, you run the risk of your modern wood wall décor actually blending in and not drawing the eye as décor is meant to do.

Luckily, there is practically a limitless variety of how you can mix and match wood grains and wood tones to fit with your decoration. Plenty of this choice really falls to what you want from your modern wood wall décor; do you want it to stand out and capture the eye, or do you want it to blend in?

Would you like it to match with other wood and fabric tones in your space, or do you prefer it to stand out on its own?

Deciding these factors first and foremost will help you ensure you choose the perfect modern wood wall décor items and options to fit all your dreams!

Using Abstract Wood Wall Décor Pieces

Wooden decorations

One of the highlights of selecting modern wood wall décor for your living area is the sheer amount of options.

Modern wood wall décor has become increasingly popular over the years and for that reason, it can be found in many different shapes, sizes, and styles of design.

For example, you might consider such pieces as a wooden sunburst with planks arranged as sunbeams, or a ship-lapped piece which can really compliment a lot of casual seating or eating arrangements.

Modern wood wall décor also leans heavily into geometric shapes, which can really be used to compliment a room based on its size—for example, in a smaller space you may use several different modern wood wall décor pieces to bring everything together, while in a larger room with broader wall area to cover, a larger piece may be appropriate.

You can also help fill up a large span of blank wall by leaning into pieces that are angled or colored; this can make them seem larger than they actually are and will fill out that space without needing a pricey modern wood wall décor piece.

Another thing to consider with modern wood wall décor is the theme. These days, even sticking with that modern décor style, you can often find wooden pieces to fit themes of certain rooms. For example, modern geometric shapes can be used to create a rustic feeling in certain rooms, forging a scene that may resemble mountains, trees, or other designs, etc.

Using Wooden Frames and Pictures in Modern Wood Wall Décor

Wooden decor

Whether you are looking at a canvas image in a wooden frame or a piece of wood with designs etched directly onto it, art is a great way to help bring your modern wood wall décor together!

One popular style for pictures is a white image rendered in simple but stunning detail on wooden planks or even on a repurposed pallet.

However, if you’re looking for more of a chic modern flow, you can find lots of polished wooden art available at many shops—and you can even try your hand at making your own!

When it comes to using wooden frames in your wood wall décor, pay careful attention to the wood color and grain of your frame; this can really blend or clash with the rest of your color scheme depending on which way you go, so be sure that you choose frames that best fit your vision for a cohesive decorative style.

Using Shelving in Modern Wood Wall Décor

Wooden floating shelves

Another great use for modern wood wall décor is the application of shelves! Floating shelves in particular, whether flat, bordered, or hanging, can make a great addition to just about any living space and they very much bring out that modern decorative flare!

Again, this is an area where you will want to consider your color schemes and wood grain options before choosing your floating wooden shelves.

If all the rest of your furniture, picture frames, and other modern wood wall décor in a room is a dark wood, for example, then choosing light-colored wood for your shelving may not bring the room together the way you’d hoped.

All in all, shelving is a great way to fill up wall space, save on floor space, and have things like your favorite books, knickknacks, plants, and decorative pieces on grand display.

Modern Wood Wall Décor – To Color or Not to Color?

Colorful wood

There is an increasingly popular trend of including color tones in wooden wall décor. From muted browns, golds, and teals to vibrant, lurid rainbow tones, you can find something of just about any color in your wood wall décor.

Some folks feel this trend goes against the core purpose of modern wood décor, while others feel it’s a great option for those who don’t want to sacrifice loud colors or chic wooden designs.

Ultimately, it falls to the individual to decide where they want the focus to lie in their design choices. Brightly-hued colors may detract from the attention paid to the wooden nature of your décor itself, but the expression of those bright tones may be the more important thing to some!

Try not to worry too much about the rends…just decide what matters in your space, and go for it!

Wrapping Up Modern Wood Wall Décor

Ready to get your wood décor set up? That’s just the start! Check out our Inspiration section for ideas on how to decorate your space seasonally, and so much more!