Mixology Fun with CeCe Caldwells Loomis Eggplant and Las Vegas Fuchsia!

*This post contains information about products that are sponsored.  However, rest assured they are only included in my work because I trust a believe in them!*

So, what do you get when you mix TWO amazing colors like 
CeCe Caldwells Loomis Eggplant and Las Vegas Fuchsia? 

I decided I NEEDED to find out! ….and CeCe Caldwells Paints agreed!
So, here I go…
As I began I couldnt help but note,.. see there where I scooped out the paint?? You guys! This is similar to when you buy the concentrated form of your favorite cleaner!  They are packing as much PAINTING PUNCH as they possibly can into those containers! …need to have a slightly thinner paint? “Just add water”
Now on to my mixology fun! So I began using syringes to mix ratios to see what happens!
….oh my….
and then came time to watch paint dry… 
And now Im asking,.. Whats your favorite?? 

As you can see I labeled each of the ratios for you! (You’re welcome!)
Now I gotta go look for some place to put this gorgeousness to use!!
I hope at the very least you have decided to have some fun and mix up some of your own awesome colors!! Dont let it intimidate you! Just commit the time to do it right.  Write down your ratios as you go,.. and mix up some amazing colors that you REALLY love! Until next time!

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