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Key West, General Finishes, and Chalk Style Paint?!

**Disclosure: This post was sponsored by General Finishes**
**However the words and opinions expressed are 100% my own! **
Its time for the FIRST Fab Furniture Flippin Contest of 2016!

Key West,.. General Finishes,.. and Chalk Style Paint,…What more could a girl ask for?! Right? Ok “Key West” is just the color I chose.  Its not quite where I am reporting from BUT hey,. its close.  Well this months “Fresh Start” theme for the
I could not have been much more thrilled! General Finishes has been around a looooong time.  (Since the 1920’s) Recently though they have begun coming out with an AMAZING amount of new awesome products! The Latest?? Dun dun dun dunnnn….. (did I get that right??) 

Some time back General Finishes spent time talking to LOTS of artisans and even hobbyists to find out what they wanted in Chalk Style Paint! …and they delivered! 

In case you don’t know they also recently came out with a Flat out Flat TopCoat.  Additionally they allowed me to try their Satin Finishing wax which is just something I have been chomping at the bit to try.  They don’t specifically recommend using it with their Chalk Style Paint line tho. So, I may introduce it’s use another day.  

Now what to do,.. I do lots of porch pickups.  I sell and trade to people I know and many of us say just pick it up off the porch! Well, I like for it to be at least “put away” So I wanted something with different compartments I could place different items in to leave for those coming for pick ups!  

Enter the Chifferobe! Shelves, drawers, hangy things,.. all I need!  But,.. it will be on my porch! Im going to be completely real.  Martha Stewart style living exists NO WHERE NEAR MY HOME! …and you can tell! Yes I love to paint and recreate! However-taking the time necessary to show that across my home-it just doesn’t happen. Yet. Maybe this can be my first step.  I decided I would go a tad rustic.  I feel like chalk style begs to be roughed up! Believe it or not-its not my forte.  I like clean and “transitional“..(Maybe not quite modern) But, I decided I would go where the path leads me! 

I started with the prep.  Not much-I wanted to structurally make it sound but leave the imperfections! CRINGE! But yes.  I left the broken veneer-just glued and clamped it to ensure it was adhered well.  (I ended up being happy I did) 

I cleaned the entire piece well with TSP.  Often I use Simple Green. Its my go to.  But alas today was a day for TSP.  After cleaning I sanded lightly with 80 grit. Again-looking for imperfection instead of perfection. And I cleaned it again.

..poor pitiful fellow…
 Time to Paint!! I painted the entire piece in General Finishes “Key West” Chalk Style Paint.  I found a smooth texture. (Yay!) GREAT adhesion. (Yay!) And it dried super quickly. (Yay!) I then allowed it to sit over night even though I doubted it to be necessary!  

The next day I tinkered with the paint by adding some of the Lamp Black, Coastal Blue, and Patina Green General Finishes Milk Paint I had on hand. If this were a client-no way.  But this is MINE ALL MINE! So it was time to have some fun.  It came out to a slightly more rich teal.. still very much the Chalk Style paint-just a different hue.  Once again I painted everything! Note: Normally I sand between coats.  I, however, hoped for more texture to come through so I did not sand in between!  

After allowing that to, again, dry over night, I took to my sand paper! 120 grit was used to go over the entire piece and accentuate ridges and high/low points…  Also smoothing everything down along the way… Then again I sanded with 300 grit.  I took Gold Gilding wax as well to, yeah,.. have some fun! And here we have it! No top Coat yet,.. as I havent decided I am finished. 

 Note that 
 A: That yellow is the gorgeous “Apricot” by General Finishes in their Chalk Style Paint line  and 
B: I love the colors coming through where I left the veneer alone.  

 Now, just between the time I started this blog post, and this point (all the same day) I decided to stencil on some numbers and I will decide as I continue down this pieces “path” exactly what will go on the nifty space on the large door.. 

What do you think?  We recently took at trip to the Florida Keys and Key West to pick up this “little” guy. 
Dozer our English Bulldog

And he’s been under my feet every since! 

But, I can remember the homes down there and could honestly just picture this guy on someones front porch.  the salty wind carrying away the finish to reveal each of the layers of color… 

 Have something around your home that needs a “Fresh Start” ?? General Finishes Products are a great place to start!! From their Amazing Gel Stains to their Chalk Style Paint and Shimmery Glazes,.. you wont be disappointed! 

Thank you SO MUCH General Finishes for your sponsorship!! You’re products never disappoint me!

Also thank you to the Creators of the Fab Flippin Contest!!

These ladies were also our fabulous hosts for this month so be sure to go check out their projects!!

Be sure to take a look at ALL the Fab Flippers at the bottom of their pages and you can click to vote for your favorite! 

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Thea Osborne

Wednesday 27th of January 2016

Thank you Sweet Sweet Lady!! ;-*

Evija Roberts

Wednesday 27th of January 2016

Absolutely gorgeous and love the website re-design too!! :)

Thea Osborne

Wednesday 27th of January 2016

Thank you! The layers were fun to play with!

Thea Osborne

Wednesday 27th of January 2016

Thank you!! I do as well! ;-)

Lucy Auburn

Tuesday 26th of January 2016

This turned out gorgeous! Love the layers and the finished look!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.