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Join us!


Im SO happy you are interested in learning more!

Enrollment is currently open and will closed December 15th until April 2018!
Don’t put it off any longer!
Membership is $29.99 per month!

OR You can pay for the first 3 months and get 15% off!

So, what should you expect?

The Furniture ReFab Clinic is a Furniture Creatives Coaching Group.

The Furniture ReFab Clinic is going to be a safe haven for creatives that want to learn more about painting furniture but don’t know where to begin.

The Furniture ReFab Clinic is ALSO going to be a place for those that have begun playing with furniture creations but don’t know how to take it to the next level.

The Furniture ReFab Clinic will hold Monthly guided courses for all your painting and EMBELLISHMENT desires!

The Furniture ReFab Clinic will be applicable to the hobbyist as well as the business minded!

We will go over diagnosing and prepping your furniture.
Filling holes and areas of missing veneer, re-gluing and securing loose pieces,  PREPPING properly so you don’t regret anything later, painting techniques, embossing and raised stencils, appliques, blending and other paint techniques, glazing,.. the list goes on.

You will know months in advance what the upcoming clinics will hold!  You will have resource lists for the most cost effective ways to source products,..

We will bring in SPONSORS and opportunities to use products at no charge to you. (This is a bonus-not to be expected 100% of the time, but as able)

We will meet for LIVE demonstrations EVERY WEEK so you can participate and learn, and ask questions as we do it together! 

This will be closed to anyone that is not a paying member, so you get the attention you need-and EVERYONE focused on the same goals!

No nay-sayers.
No misguided approaches.

Every month will have a new focus to look forward to! 

Yes, we will focus you.  And its not just me,.. you will have TWO full time professionals on hand to assist at (almost) all times! As well as specialized guests!

I will be joined by Kandice from Just the Woods! We will both bring you all of the most clear cut, efficient, and most cost effective ways to cure what ails your furniture creations!   Join now and get your most challenging piece of furniture ready for us to tackle in January!  We will be doing LIVE classes, even allowing YOU to take us LIVE in the group to show us your dilemma! Its like we are right there with you! We will all learn from one another!  ..and we will walk through step by step! 

We will be dedicated to Finding YOUR creative you!

Not everyone likes stenciling.
Not everyone likes the blended look.
Not everyone likes glazing.

And that’s ok! We will be helping you to FIND your way!  We want you to find your creative path!  …just as we have after years of experimenting and learning, unguided,.. We want to give you what we never had so you can find yourself at quick pace!

We want you to learn techniques that can take your furniture to the next level for sales and commissioned work!

Once each month is over the information and tutorials will all still be available for reference later for the entire LIFE OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP! 

But hurry… 

For now you have the EXCLUSIVE opportunity to get in on this at a reduced rate.  This pays you through January 31st.

Open Enrollment is happening now!
We close the doors to begin getting ready for the first clinic at Midnight on December 1st!

January is Prep month! All things Prep.
Join now and get your TLC needing piece ready!

Learn how to take THAT and create THIS!

By joining now, you pay one time then have the option of leaving before your monthly subscription begins for February. BUT you STILL keep your low rate of $29.99/Mo if you stay!

OR you can pay for the first 3 months and get 15% off!

Enrollment is closing December 15th!

After you have paid-expect a receipt and an email from me with all the amazing details within the next week!! I’m making it all nice and perfect for you… I CAN NOT WAIT!
OR Would you rather join a group that is focused on growing your creative BUSINESS!?
I recommend joining me with Jennifer Allwood!  If you are just floundering and trying to focus your creative energy toward making an actual INCOME,  Jennifer is your girl.  She has set me on path and she can do the same for you!
(I recommend the Inner Circle)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.