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How to Paint and Shade with Pure and Original Classico Paint!

***This post contains sponsored products and most likely contains affiliate links,… thats because I LOVE these products and KNOW you would to!***
Meet Mr Eastlake

He is absolutely solid wood! …and just look at that lovely old mirror and the glove boxes!  The only flaw is the broken pull,.. but surely we can remedy that right?
With the recent passing of my father I felt the need to dive into a project and just paint.  Not to meet someones specifications,.. and truth be told I didnt want anyones input or opinion. I just needed Art Therapy.  Of course tho,.. I hoped SOMEone would like it enough to buy it,..

Enter the Weapons of Choice…

1st things 1st,… gotta take it all apart.  I removed the drawers, set them aside and yep-I disassembled the mirror and carefully sat aside the glass and backing. …I know scary…   but I promise this truly helps a much more professional outcome.   No paint squished between the inside of the mirror and the glass,.. Nor a reflection of the inside of the frame with inconsistent coloring.  Once it was all taken apart I cleaned everything thoroughly with Simple Green.  I love Simple Green because it gets the job done but isnt so harsh on me and,..well,.. my respiratory system.
I wasnt terribly worried about the finish being broken down.  Father Time had done that job! Once everything dried I sprayed at all down with Shellac-3 coats!  The next day I painted,.. the base coat would be a thin-nearly dry brushed Majestic Cloth.  Strategically leaving wood exposed in areas I felt would be high use and subject to natural wear,.. By the time I did an entire once over the first area was dry enough that I was able to continue with the second coat.  Time to really enjoy myself.  And I needed it,.. Sometimes there is no better therapy.  And sometimes I think… what difference does art make?  But then I see Gods incredible creation and realize, He values it too.  Why else would the skies be blue,.and orange and pink and purple at times,..  and Toucans fly in a colorful whirl,.. or flowers not be just GREY?  Its because He enjoys beauty just as we do. And yall, I poured into this one.  I apologize for the lack of progress photos.  There were no tunes playing.  No shows I wanted to binge watch.  I just wanted to paint.  The day after painting I topped everything in Polyvines Hard Wearing Varnish and another day later I waxed in CeCe Caldwells Wax.   (cause yes I love the feel too!)  Let me know your thoughts on the outcome.  I know-out of the box!
I glided over it,.. just playing and blending then hitting it with a knife and the Frozen Water,.. removing some as I saw fit… 
Why fix the keyholes?  They have a story to tell too,.. lots of use in this dressers past,.. I just played with them.
I love how using Pure & Original allows me to use such a thin layer of paint and let the wood grain come through so prominently while still getting nice deep coloring,..
Of course the perfect back drop of Pure & Original Wild Garlic in their Fresco Lime paint,.. 


 That mirror… I loved the wavy warbly look,.. so old,.. who knows the eyes that have peered into it before now,.. 
This piece went on to the floor at the Vintage Market Days of Charleston SC, and sold 24 hours later.  I am so grateful.  And Humbled.  I feel that this is just the beginning to a whole new season.  I was grateful to walk up on the buyers just as they were admiring the piece and discussing purchase.   I hope to see how it looks in its new home.  Ill be sure to update you if I do,.. So much has happened in the past month! I have been rather self absorbed so Im REALLY excited to take a look into the lives of some of my FAVORITE Bloggy Artist Chics!  Follow along with me,.. till next time though-thank you SO much for checking out That Sweet Tea Life.  Your support is life altering to me.  Sending you my love,.. 
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