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Girls Room Makeover Part 1- MCM Chest and Peeling Paint…

**This post contains products that were provided by a sponsor.  as always you can rest assured, if they are sponsoring me, its because I have found it to be a brand you WILL LOVE and can trust! All opinions expressed are my own.**

Have you ever looked at a room in your home and just shook your head each time,.. thinking to yourself how one day-one day you will make it what it should be.

Im going to need you to prepare yourself.  What you are about to see will be disturbing to some viewers,.. it disturbs me daily.  And even just showing you,.. well it takes courage.
Ok now.  In fairness,.. we are in the middle of summers COMPLETE Chaos.  As I said before we are chasing baseball dreams in this home… and yall, our boys took State! We are heading to the Dixie Youth World Series!  Its very exciting! …But then there is also real life,.. and you know it wasnt always this,.. well,.. uhm Bad.
2nd Disclaimer to this tale.  These pictures were taken in 2011, …when I evidently was very fond of extreme photo filters,.. hopefully the originals are someplace. Brace yourself.
Come on now,.. in a very psychedelic way this is cute!
 I had painted the whimsy tree and leaves and name and the cute bubbly grass.  The rest were decals,.. then there is the Pink, Brown, and Green walls,.. Why yall? Why?  Im going to blame Pregnancy Brain.
Fast forward to 2017 and we have paint peeling off the walls.
Yeah, I think its time.  The sweet little baby in 2011 also shared a room with an amazing 10 year old sister,.. who is now 16.  Yes, its definitely time.  So, now to begin putting a room together suitable for a 6 year old and a 16 year old.  I should add, our paint adhered quite well!  It was the 3rd-4th layer under that which no longer wanted to stay put!
First thing would be removing the paint!  Thankfully I had my Homeright Heat gun so while it was peeling away quite simply, once I began using the heatgun,..
…it began pulling in large sheets!  Thankfully it didnt take too long… so it was on to the next obstacle.  Have you ever heard someone ask “How do you eat an elephant?” …Yep, one bite at a time.
Recently my step father passed and this was his mothers.  Ive begun decidedly hanging on to these sorts of items and incorporating them more into our home… unfortunately many of the pulls were broken or missing.  I decided to look to my favorite hardware source D Lawless Hardware to see if there were any options to suit the look we wanted to go for.
I first came across these gorgeous Waterfall Cup Pulls.  Then were the smaller knobs and pulls I would choose to coordinate,..
Of course none of these would fit the chest as it currently sat.  I had to decide how to measure and drill the holes to accommodate.
By finding the center points both vertically and horizontally, I was able to establish a grid to guide me.  I was determined to make these pulls work!  But every drawer was different and no template would work for each of them!
The top knobs could either go centered on the pulls, or they could go in the original holes.  Then it was time to get serious!
Using a metal putty knife, I filled the unwanted holes, and filled any cracks.
After filling with Bondo I allowed to set for a couple hours.  I took it outside to sand smooth then sand/clean the entire chest to prepare for paint! {finally}  So, I did that then I applied 3 coats of shellac.

Using my Homeright Finish Max I applied 2 very thing coats of Benjamin Moore Advance in Simply White.  After 6 hours I applied a final coat.  The tiny caps on the feet were removed and sprayed in a Silver Satin.
Be sure to grab what you need before you forget! I have lots of my favorite tools here!

On to the fun! Assembly and setting it up.  So did I do good? What about those knobs? Should I have put them in the outside holes?  Do you think the girls will like the improvement?





SO much still to do! But at least I got a good jump on it before leaving for the World Series.  I hope you enjoyed and it inspired you make your hardware choices perfectly yours! Dont let the task intimidate you.  Learn and push through!  As always, thanks for joining me at That Sweet Tea Life! I hope you enjoyed the makeover,.. more to come,.. this room needs a LOT more work!

Dont forget to pin it for later!

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Cindy Downing

Saturday 29th of July 2017

I would use the sprayer on my dresser that needs a redo. Thanks for the chance to win one!!?

Carol Whewell

Saturday 29th of July 2017

The color combo works perfectly with that hardware!


Friday 28th of July 2017

Call me crazy but I thought the pink, Brown, Green colors of the room where pretty! I do love the white dresser redo! I paint many of my pieces white! white is always a good choice!Jeannee


Friday 28th of July 2017

First two repainting projects for remainder of summer: Finish repainting an old Singer sewing cabinet and converting old dresser to dinning buffet.

Lauren Mickle

Friday 28th of July 2017

Love this page! Thanks for the tips and trick! I would use the sprayer on all furniture projects! I just love how your pieces come out so smooth!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.