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Get the Look! …..on your own furniture…


How many times have we come across those “impossible to afford but oh so awesome, if ONLY I could have that” pieces of furniture?? I see it ALL THE TIME when looking at the selection at Nadeau, Grandin Road, Pottery Barn, Wayfair,.. the list goes on!  Personally I just cant/wont/dont dare allow myself to splurge on those pieces of furniture,.. (Kudos to those of you that do! I may even envy you a tad.. )  But part of the reason I dont is because I have been cursed with know how!  You see I KNOW HOW possible it is to really duplicate the looks I love! Really it just takes being willing to jump in,
maybe get a little messy, and mess some stuff up! …before getting to the point that I can achieve the look I am going for!  

I was in contact with a client that loves turquoise, orange, and artsy rustic,.. So I began the search for images that would help us define the look that she wanted to shoot for!  After a few trial and errors I remembered seeing this from Colorways by Leslie Stocker, which is a beautiful piece found at Grandin Road!  I sent that to my client and she LOVED it!  In my mind was a mixture of “Wow! YES!” and… “Oh Crud.  Can I even do that?”  Leslie has an amazing blog of how-tos and inspiration… So I contacted her and got a little bit of input.  Additionally I wanted to try out CeCe Caldwells  Non-Toxic, No VOCs or Solvents Paint.  So I contacted my favorite CeCe Caldwell Representative, Evey, for some guidance too.  Getting to know other artists is SO helpful and makes the whole process so much fun! The wealth of knowledge that has been passed to me is     amazing! And so, empowered with that knowledge, I attacked!

Here is an idea of what I was given to work with. Sorry this is not an ACTUAL before picture! This is just a stock photo,.. I was tooo excited and began to paint, forgetting to take an official before picture! But this stock photo is quite similar.. So the idea is to take the feel and finish of the Grandin Road cabinet and get it on my clients existing desk. I can totally do this.  Right?? In the briefest briefing possible-here you go!

1. Sand.  120 Grit sandpaper was used just to break through and rough up the finish.  
2. Clean.  TSP was used to wipe down everything.
3. Base coat with Annie Sloan Florence.  I already had that on hand and I wanted to give the color a little extra depth. 
4. Second coat with CeCe Caldwell Thomasville Teal
5. Third coat with CeCe Caldwell Thomasville Teal. 
(Often I tell people to sand between coats! This time I didnt.  I actually wanted to hold on to the texture and also brushed in different directions)
6. Sand. Using 120 again I knocked back the ridges and harsh brush strokes.  I wanted a smooth surface.  I also took this time to distress back where I wanted to Exposing back to the Florence as well as deeper to bare wood. 
7. Paint (Say what??) Yes, I went back in and used CeCe Caldwells Kissimmee Orange to paint in some of the distressed areas.  The goal was to make it appear though it was an additional paint layer we had sanded through, But I wanted to be strategic with it-thus I didnt paint the entire piece in a layer of that. 
8. Top Coat. I used Fusion Mineral Paints Tough Coat for the surface.   I like to add a little extra protection on the surface of the pieces I refinish. (Not necessarily the sides and wax is NOT a protective coat!) What?? Yes! Thats my belief! See my previous post on WAX!
9. Sand some more.  Alternating between 300 & 600 grit, I smoothed everything out.  While I want to see the variations in the color and see texture-I didnt want the furniture to feel unpleasant.  
10. Wax.  Using Fusion Minerals Paints Beeswax Finish, I used Waxine to work the wax into the paint across the entire desk.  
11. Wipe.  With this particular wax, Im not aiming to “buff” it.  Rather I am wiping away the excess.  I want a completely smooth surface, that by the end emits no extra oils.

Done. Done. Done.

And what is great is I achieved this entire makeover in my kitchen.  When you use such awesome, natural materials-there arent fumes or odors to be offensive to the rest of the home!  This was definitely one of the more fun pieces I have been able to work on!  Now its your turn!  Go find some inspiration and go for it!
Happy Painting Y’all!

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Thea Osborne

Wednesday 20th of May 2015

Thank you so much Pia!! *Work in Progress* haha!! But yeah I really enjoyed working with CeCe Caldwells paints! This was a fun one! ~As always, much better in person!


Tuesday 19th of May 2015

Thea!!! This is *awesome*!!!! Love the entire post- and the final finish is perfection!!!

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