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..for the love of blue…

Yep.  Thats it.  That is what I received. 
Someone from church who is a wooden-things building enthusiast learned of my painting “skills” and asked me to paint their treasure for them.  This is an old glass pane that has been transformed into this neat shadowbox entry table! Talk about pressure! This isnt a thrift store find.. This is a CrEaTiOn!  Someone made this with their own to hands! …I think I can… I think I can… In the most professional way I possibly can- I take on the challenge. *Gulp* The pressure! What was I thinking!?

As I sanded this is what was revealed,.. I was allowed to keep this just on the interior.. The rest would be painted in Annie Sloan Old White

There were really no colors to compete with in their entry way so i offered to use Annie Sloan Aubusson,.. (I kinda love Blue) …Their response “just go for it” REALLY?!  I would soon find this to be the norm from my clients… Something I would learn to adjust to… the pressure…

After sanding and filling and painting,.. Time began to move a little too fast!  Suddenly it was time to deliver,… client friends BABY!  They were expecting! And of course the home needed to be perfect for the arrival of visitors! ..I hadnt even waxed yet.. somehow I noticed this neat thing the paint did when I rubbed with metal.. Burnishing?? …nice! I like it!! 

It began to take on a mind of its own!  I painted and white washed and grabbed the tine cans near by and began rubbing it down…  These wonderful dark and light Aubusson hues would come through,.. I wish I had more pictures! At the time though.. I had no idea I would be joining the bloggosphere.. 🙂 

A French Provincial Twist? Fry? ...ok Dresser.
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