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Fill in the Gap…

No, Im not saying to grab the Bondo,.. 
actually I just woke up from a migraine induced nap…
…and AGAIN I am hearing Joel Osteens name over the news and reading it across “social media” 
… … ..
Please bear with me as I think out loud.. 

I dont get it.  I’ll admit that there are things I dont agree with.  Ill even go so far as to share that pre-Harvey I already wasnt the biggest J.O. fan.. His “Prosperity Preaching” lean is just not where my convictions lie,.. 
but then again Im only one little person.

Thats the thing,.. who are we.
Who are we to discredit this man that has undoubtedly served, given to, loved on,… exponentially more people than (I know at least) I likely EVER will.
Who are we to stand back and make some judgement call on what he should have done when were not there to experience it… dont know what he was doing during those hours and dont know WHO was standing DIRECTLY in front of him asking for help… nor are we the so called people that he turned away…
Who are we to say what happened at all given that we werent there and ALL of this stems from Social Media Hype.. Because of course once its Facebook Official.. 

Who ARE we.

I know Im not there in Texas helping them to pick up the pieces.
I know Im not the person that could lead an organization during that time,.. Id likely be standing in shock asking God to move my feet as I try to care for what He laid in front of me… shaking my head, looking up at the sky with my hands raised as if to hand it all to HIM because I… I can NOT. I just can not. 
I know Im not one that has the same convictions as J.O. does! ( I know this because of the way His preaching can tend to go past me) 
I know that I am uniquely made by God to have a very 
DIRECT relationship with HIM.
So that He will convict me of my sin.
He will lay the weight on my heart for what I should be burdened with,.. Its not the same for us all..
and it wont be the same rhetoric that He is recycling and placing in your heart,.. like the rhetoric that the media recycles over and over to get us to view. 
To react to. 

How about this.

I do know that Jesus offered that we cast that stone “IF”…
and I know my music teach always said when I point the finger at one person there are always 3 more pointing… 

How about I just worry about filling the gap.  I mean thats WHY we are all MADE SO DiFfErEnT…  MAYBE If we are feeling SO convicted about what someone else has done wrong, its because that is the gap we need to fill.. 

Now,.. yes I say that semi-satirically.
But then again Im not.

Let us follow the pricking of our hearts and  rather than using that energy, that FIRE, to tear down another Christian,. another brother or sister, another HUMAN being,.,.  how about we be the Christian that is filling in the gap.. Whatever gap we can.. whatever gap our hearts feel pricked to fill in whatever way.. Werent we called to be the hands and the feet… not the mouth of the south.. 

Just a thought.. a self convicting thought.. 


In case you are one of many that can only think to give monetarilly,.. (Like I) 

Red Cross

Kelly Roberson (with The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team) 

Houston Food Bank

Feel free to let me know of others I should add… 

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Cindy Davenport

Sunday 3rd of September 2017

I enjoyed reading your thoughts, Thea. I too agree that we should be God's hands and feet and it's amazing how many hands and feet have responded to the crises in Houston. God will surely bless those hands and feet.I think our relationship with our God is personal and unique. There are tragedies that have happened in all of our lives. My relationship with God helps me deal with this loss daily. It's too big for me!So, I guess I feel like we have that personal relationship. A minister is expected to be that intermediary that keeps us on our path. It seems there many different paths that are open.I feel strongly that "Jesus came to feed the sheep, not beat the sheep". So choose your own path with God's help,Hugs to you, cindy

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.