“Farmhouse Fun” with Old Fashioned Milk Paint-The July 2016 Fab Flippin Contest

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Yall… did you notice its already JULY?!?!
That means we have a new contest underway!
And that means getting to know and work with a whole new fabulous sponsor!!
This month we happen to have the pleasure of working with

I have actually used Old Fashioned (True) Milk Paint a few times..
This Empire Sideboard was painted in OFMP “Slate” Get yours HERE

I also refinished this old radio/record cabinet that was bought and turned into a bathroom vanity!
For this i created a mix using “Soldier Blue” and “Snow White”


Then recently you saw me share my Old Waterfall Dresser turn Desk!

Finding Soapstone
“Charleston Green”

Reclaimed and Reloved

Now on to my most recent project! You may have seen where I talked about my little “Secret” HERE and I told you about this awesome little pie safe!

Isnt it ADORABLE?! Yes it is. However,.. it has clearly experienced a lit of rot and damage over the years. Truly, it was rather comical (read sad) when I began to work on it.  First thing was a new backer board.  This alone creates an amazing amount of stability!
Then I could focus on the rest.  The top was clearly added some time far after the pie safe had been built and was rotted in many “key” areas,.. like where it attached to the pie safe.
I decided to use some salvaged boards to create a new top for it.

While I LOVED the look of the layers of paint coming through, it didnt match at all… What to do…?
Beat it up.  Using a nail and hammer I created holes and using various other tools I created divots and other marks for “character”.  But the color?

Heres the process, after cleaning everything thoroughly, I wanted to enrich the color and preserve the natural look. So, first to get the white/raw wood to match the rest. I painted the top in Old Fashioned Milk Paints “Barn Red” 
This made a huge difference! But,.. I had some character to match!! One dimensional “Barn Red” wouldnt cut it!

I decided to use a wet artists brush and using my “Pitch Black” OFMP I would take the powder and simply dab it into the new holes and crevices I had created in the boards..

And that brought me here,..
 Better Right??

 Last thing would be to seal everything.  My go to will be Daddy Vans Lavender Wax
(I seriously LOVE that stuff!)

Using a big wax brush I worked it in all over.  The next day I came in and wiped it down removing any excess wax and buffed everything.  I then went back in on the newly created top and used Daddy Vans Antique Brown Wax to give it more dimension and depth, and age.

What a difference right??
Those are nail holes I nailed in at an angle,.. and a couple screwdriver dings.
The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company’s products were PERFECT for this project!

 So here is the “current” After!! More will actually be done for my “Secret” but shhhhhhhh….. I cant reveal all that yet!

 I absolutely love how you can see so much of the rustic patina,..
I cant wait to see what our contestants come up with this month!!!
You can find them on our Hosts pages!

This month our Co-Creator Evey and Fab-Host Lynn are kicking us off!
Evey @ Eveys Creations & Lynn @ Fern Avenue

Be sure to ALSO check out what
Stacy, Carrie, and Colleen are up to!!
They always have something absolutely incredible going on!!
But dont forget to watch and see what our contestants are cooking up! You can find them below or at the bottom of our Fab Hosts pages! You will even be able to VOTE on your favorite once we hit our deadline at midnight on July 29th!! Come back then to VOTE!
Now,.. Im inspired to go have some more Farmhouse Fun so,.. until next time,
Happy Painting y’all!

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  1. I'm confused by the different wax types. Does the Lavender Wax have a Lavender tint to it or smell? Sorry I know dumb questions but curious to learn more about the techniques of furniture painting!

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