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“Colour Your World” with Velvet Finishes

**This post contains sponsorship and affiliate links.  …however all opinion expressed are my own,..**
Here it is October! Can you believe it?! 
Honestly I can’t. I feel like this year has already blown by!  But here we are with a new month and a new Fab Flippin Contest! 
This month we are excited this month to be working with Kellie Smith of Velvet Finishes!

Kellie has developed an entire system to address your refinishing needs,.. dreams,.. desires. 🙂

Lynn of On Fern Avenue and I have the privilege of inspiring you this month with our own Velvet Finishes Creations! If you are looking for a serious pop of color Velvet Finishes may just be for you!
I for one chose a serious pop of blue in Velvet Finishes “Handsome”


Quite the kaboodle!! And I would need them for my project… 
This is my $15 find,.. I liked that its a lift table, and I really like the legs!
But I wanted something more bold and get rid of the super shiny look!
So my first step would be to use “Ready”.  Rather self explanatory! You just spray it on to prep your piece for some beautiful color! I painted one thin coat of color and loved how soft and matte the finish was once it dried! By the time I went over the entire thing, I was able to follow behind with another coat. Brush marks were SO minimal and truth be told I didn’t take any precautions for a smooth finish.  I also decided to use her “Enhance Gel” in Timeless,.. this is a gel medium you can use to create more depth-similar to a wax except you are able to use a protective finish over it as soon as it dries such as a poly or Velvet Finishes “Protect” (Like I said, they have everything you need!) and here is where I landed! 

As I went over the the entire piece with the “Enhance” I enjoyed how it brought out more dimension.  There was more depth and the entire piece popped just a bit more.

Now this month contestants will be competing for a prize pack of their own!
The winner will receive a gift card of $250 to spend on Velvet Finishes products!!
Jealous? You kinda should be. I am!
Check back in! Contestants will be linking their entries below and sharing their personal experiences!  Meanwhile you can check out the Fab Flippin Contest hosts!
Evey (Co-Creator) of Eveys Creations
Lynn (Administrative Director) On Fern Avenue
Carrie (Contest Host) Thirty Eighth Street
Colleen (Contest Host) 58 Water Street
We hope you enjoy following the contest this month!! Until next time! 

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Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

This color is gorgeous on the coffee table. I love it and love how smooth the paint looks.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.