Checking out Old Fashioned Milk Paint!

Have I ever told you Im new to this?  Well,  Im new to this. Ive always been in love with all things old and unique. Things that tell a story.  Not long ago I became increasingly aware of the things people no longer saw value in that to me that I saw as GOLD!  The history that you just KNOW is attached to them.. Aah! Just last summer I discovered this scene of painted furniture and the idea of taking things that are old, discarded, unused,.. unloved.. And renewing them in a completely different and awesome way that people are able to love again! 
It wasnt long before I discovered Old Fashioned Milk Paint. Among the plethora of other products out there is this product that has truly stood the test of time.   And if you EVER have the pleasure of coming across Anne Thibeau, she will tell you all about it!  I was taken aback by the amount innate knowledge she was able to share with me!  You also cant help but see the incredible amount of humble pride and love she has for the company and their products.
After finding and trying various types of paints and finishes I was really excited to try Milk Paint. I love the idea of having a supply of paint that is unmixed and ready to become paint any time I use it!  I love the idea of taking a cup of this and that and creating new colors.  I love how natural the Old Fashioned Milk Paint products specifically are.  I love the texture and the different types off finishes you are able to achieve with it… wow… I could not WAIT to try it!! But then life happened, and while I had the perfect piece to play on, I just couldnt seem to find the time to jump in! …and I may have been just a little scared..So what a prefect time for me to run into the Fabulous Furniture Flippin Contest featuring a contest on Shabby Chic Storage and the sponsor of Old Fashioned Milk Paint!  It was meant to be.  Time to just put my feet to the fire!  ….and boy is it hot.. 
This guy was gifted to me by a client that commissioned me to complete several pieces,.. I have always loves these antique sideboards! I love having this in my kitchen to store all the random large appliances I have. So I brought out the paint I had received SOME time back to achieve a driftwood look and braved to try it!  ..I held back though.  Once I saw the Slate color I just melted.. 
Im In Love.  The texture is so fun! And it CHIPPED! I have NEVER gone for a chippy look.  I never knew how to! But this chipped and it was so much fun! Now I know what all that Chippy Happiness is about!   AAah!!  And it was truly so simple.  I just sanded it to get it nice and smooth,.. Then cleaned it with a rag and degreaser,.. mixed,… and painted! I did sand some in between coats with 300 grit sandpaper to give it a ultra smooth feel.  Lastly I used some Beeswax Finish I had on hand-just gently rubbing it on and wiping it away… Whalah! so simple!! The Chippy places just kind of flaked off as I worked! 

Dont you love that two tone?  I do,.. Hope you have enjoyed this makeover! Till next time… 

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