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How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget: Cheap Home Decor

Who said redecorating had to be expensive? Not only is cheap home decor a great way to update your space, but it’s also a wonderful way to save a few coins.

Finding high-quality yet low-cost items is easier than you may think, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate inexpensive items into your home! Keep reading for all you need to know about cheap home decor, including where to search, ideas of what to look for, and more!

Cheap home decor shelf with piggy bank

Does Cheap Home Decor Look… Cheap?

Utilizing cheap home decor can be a great way to remodel a room without breaking the bank. However, don’t let the word “cheap” fool you – buying something at a low cost doesn’t have to mean it’s low quality.

The purpose of cheap home decor is to add some design to your room without spending large sums of money – not to sacrifice style!

Working with What You’ve Got

Cheap home decor doesn’t always have to be bought from the store. Learning how to give new life to pieces you already own is a fantastic way to save money and can make for a rewarding challenge!

Decluttering and Maximizing Storage

One of the best ways to give your space a new look is by starting with getting rid of anything you no longer want to keep. Getting rid of things you no longer care for makes it easier to see the pieces that naturally stand out in a room.

Decluttering also allows you to rediscover the space that has become available again for placing items. Many storage spaces are also multipurpose items that serve multiple purposes in your home.

CUYOCA Storage Ottoman Bench Foldable Seat Footrest Shoe Bench End of Bed Storage with Flipping Lid, 75L Storage Space, 30 inches Linen Fabric Beige

This storage ottoman bench acts as a storage space, a footrest, and can even be used as a coffee table when placed as a focal point in a living room. These decorative storage boxes can be placed in any room to provide storage without taking away from the room’s design.

Combining practicality with style is one of the best ways to get ample use out of your cheap home decor!

Painting Furniture

Imagine that you’ve had a dresser for over five years. It’s held up well, can easily fit all of your clothes, and is a great piece of furniture. But let’s be honest, staring at something every day for five years can start to get a bit old.

You don’t need a new dresser, but you can’t stand to look at this one anymore – a fresh coat of paint could be the answer to all your problems. Seriously, you’d be surprised at the difference painting furniture can make! There are multiple ways to go about painting furniture. Each style and color creates a different vibe that can bring something new to your space.

We have several ideas to help inspire your creativity, if you’re unsure where to start,

In addition to adding flair to a worn-out piece, a new layer of paint can help cover any scratches or scuff marks that may have been collected over the years. Even an old dresser can look new again with the right coat of paint!


When working with what you already have, even something as simple as rearranging your furniture can be a great way to give your space a new feel. Changing the angle of your bed, the position of your couch, or even just moving a bookshelf against a different wall can help alter the perspective of a room and make it feel like a totally new space.

Consider relocating various furniture items from room to room. Something as simple as a white flower vase from your bedside table can make a great dining room centerpiece. A picture frame that used to sit on your bookshelf may delight in finding a new home on your office desk.

Planning Ahead

The search can be half the fun when revamping your room with cheap home decor! However, figuring out what items you’re going for before starting your search can help save lots of time when redecorating.

Before making any changes to your space, it’s best to have a general idea of what you’d like your room to look like. Is there something specific you’d like to change about it, or are you just looking for something different?

Maybe you’d like to put something in the corner of the room to fill unused space, but you’re not sure what – no biggie! Even just knowing where you would like to place things is a great start on your journey to find the best cheap home decor.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas

When using cheap home decor to spruce up your space, there are a variety of ways to incorporate new ideas into your redecorating.

Utilizing Wall Space

Taking advantage of your walls is an easy way to incorporate cheap home decor into your decorating plan. Choosing what meets the eye is a great way to customize your space! Local retail stores often sell wall posters, canvas prints, photo frames, and more at low or discounted prices.

Melannco 18 x 15 Inch 6 Opening Jumble Photo Collage Frame, Displays Six 4x6 Inch Photos, Gray

Adding picture frames to your wall is a priceless way to let cherished memories shine as a focal point in your room. This jumble photo collage frame has an eccentric design that is a fantastic piece to catch one’s eye in any room.

These wood and macrame hanging shelves are wonderful for adding depth, design, and practicality to your home! The more sneaky storage space, the better!

For another practical yet stylish cheap home decor option, this wave pattern irregular frame mirror can be mounted or simply leaned against the wall to add a quirky touch to your space. Adding a mirror to a space is a great way to invite light into a room and make the area seem more open and inviting!

Floor Space

When decorating a home, it can be easy to focus on areas that are closer to eye level over areas that typically don’t get that much attention. Overlooking the floors is common, but appreciating your floor space can be a wonderful way to tie a room together!

While looking for cheap home decor for your floor, consider how you want your space to feel. A small neutral rug is great for adding a bit of texture to a space without taking away from the decor that surrounds it. For a fun pop of color, adding an exciting, eye-catching rug can give your space a whole new vibe.

Finding cheap home decor doesn’t mean you have to settle for smaller options to get smaller prices – this large decorative rug comes in many colors and sizes and will make a great addition to any room in the house!


One of the easiest ways to add cheap home decor to your space is with the use of plants. Not only do plants add greenery to your home, but they can also boost your mood and help reduce stress levels.

Smaller plants tend to be cheaper than larger plants – placing small plants at different heights around the room can help them fill a space a bit more. If you don’t have a green thumb, artificial potted plants can look just as stylish – without the hassle of upkeeping your plant!

Gemseek Cute Narwhal Succulent Planter Pot with Bamboo Drainage Tray, White Ceramic Cactus/Flower Container, Animal Whale Bonsai Holder for Indoor Plants

Greenery comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and adding a cute ceramic pot is a great way to personalize your new plant even more.

Plants bought with a decorative pot tend to be more expensive than those purchased on their own. To stick to your budget, try buying a plain pot and painting it to your liking. This can be a fun side project that allows you to express your creative freedom and discover new ways to add small details to your home!


When searching for cheap home decor, something as simple as a nice throw pillow can make a whole world of difference in a room. Throw pillows can be placed on couches, chairs, stools, beds, and more!

Not only do throw pillows add comfort to your home, but their versatility can provide endless options that make it easy to switch up your decor without having to spend more money.

A decorative pillow placed neatly in your living room can effortlessly change with the seasons with the quick switch of a throw pillow cover. Try buying throw pillow covers in larger quantities to save even more money.

Accent Walls

Adding an accent wall to your home is one of the easiest ways to spruce up any space. Accent walls can instantly transform a room with a relatively simple vibe to one with an inviting feel that you want to spend more time in.

Painting just one wall of a room helps draw attention to the space, which can be perfect for tying together color schemes or adding a fun contrast to the ongoing theme. For a unique option, try searching for removable peel-and-stick wallpaper to give your room a fun, low-cost, and easily changeable look!


When searching for cheap home decor, something as simple as candles can be a wonderful addition to your home. Decorative candles add special elements of elegance and charm that can be hard to find in other pieces.

Small tea light candles can usually be bought in bulk at a low price and are a great neutral option for adding some more depth to your space.

SHYMERY Flameless Votive Candles,Flameless Flickering Electric Fake Candle,24 Pack 200+Hour Battery Operated LED Tea Lights in Warm White for Wedding,Table,Festival,Halloween,Christmas Decorations

For cheap home decor that will last you a long time, battery-operated candles serve the same wonderful purpose as regular candles, but they will last you for years to come. When the battery dies, just replace it and enjoy many more wonderful hours of warm glowing light!

Where to Find Cheap Home Decor

When searching for cheap home decor, there are many places that provide great options. Local thrift stores, antique shops, and furniture auctions are excellent places to check for low-cost items, and they often carry unique finds that bring intriguing elements to your space.

Retail stores such as Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Michael’s, Walmart, and Target sell cheap home decor and often rotate their selections. These stores are especially great for finding seasonal decor to get festive during the holidays!

Sometimes, monitoring bigger furniture stores for sales can be the best way to snag a great deal on cheap home decor. If there’s a piece that you’d like for your home, sometimes patience is key. You never know when things will be marked down!

Online retailers such as Amazon can be a great resource for a wider selection. Facebook Marketplace often has rare items that may be just what your space needs to give it that exciting new look.

Finding Cheap Home Decor Has Never Been so Easy!

With so many ways to use cheap home decor and so many places to look for it, there are truly endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your home on a budget.

Want to learn more about home decorating? Check out our post on how to decorate a bedroom for some inspiration!

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