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Awesome ways to Make a Basic Table more Beautiful!

*This article contains sponsored content, the opinions and views expressed however are ALL my own! 😉 *
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There once was a little table… 
This sweet little pitiful table would be introduced to a few of my new friends,.. Pure and Original’s “Classico”-a chalk based paint and my newer friend Efex Bendable Moldings and Appliques, not to mention a new trick I wanted to try with image transferring.
Materials List with Links Included
Pure and Original Classico Paint 
Pure and Original Italian Wax
Efex Applique and Glue (To be discussed later 😉

Now I had no idea what exactly was to come,.. several firsts were happening here including antiquing,.. a technique I have never really felt comfortable with.. Today, however I finally conquered my fear using Pure and Originals Italian wax!  I have to say I have never been fond of clear wax.  The labor intensive technique of putting it on and buffing it, only to know it wasn’t a permanent sealant,.  But there was something about this Italian Wax that Pure and Original had just introduced in the US that had an allure,.. Traditionally it is used to seal Marrakech and Lime Fresco, however I had to know how it would react with Classico,.. 
It reacts well.  Very very well.
After using my Classico in Old Rose and Frozen Water and Steel Blue, I sealed everything in one coat of Italian wax-just using a brush to glide it on, brushing it in and working out any excess.
The next day I took a bit of it and tinted it,..
Using my brush I worked in the antiqued Italian Wax, As I brushed it on and in the tiny crevices, I brushed away the excess at the high points,.. it had a way of working itself out… Then I walked away and came back to this lovely sheen,..
Now per their instructions you are suppose to buff for the sheen to come through,.. but as I brushed it on I basically buffed it as I went along. 
Here you can see the difference.  Do note that some embellishing wax were also added to the image on the right. (Gold and White Gilding Wax)
I was becoming a fan,.. I rather enjoyed the added dimension the antiqued wax added!
Now did you notice the other added details?
The appliques and the embellished image transfer?
Be sure to subscribe! I will be sharing the how to on those soon! 
I took the image transfer a little bit further than typical!  I think you will like where I went with it…
Ill take it!  More to learn but this was a fun attempt!
Now your turn! Have you entered to win the Giveaway!?
A winner will be chosen after the closing on Friday March 17th!  Be sure to enter to win by using the Rafflecopter!  (I know its intimidating-let me know if I can help!)
The fun doesn’t stop there though!!
Its time once again to check in with my Crafty Girls & Furniture Friends!
Jen with Whimsy & Wood couldnt make it this month but I hope you enjoy the others!  Hopefully she will return SOON!
 Thirty Eighth Street
 J Burns Designs
 Jen at J. Burns Designs- Creating a RH Weathered Wood Finish
 Just the WoodsKandice at Just The Woods-Unique Painted Etagere
 Lynn Fern
 58 Water Street
Colleen at 58 Water Street-A New Twist on a Traditional Desk
Just WOW! All of their pieces began with SO much more potential than mine did!  Be sure to click over and check out each of them to see a beauties they were all transformed into!!
That does it for tonight! I hope you enjoyed and be sure to stay tuned in for the tutorials on those AMAZING Efex Appliques and my Embellished Image Transfer!
I will be announcing the winner of the Pure & Original Creatives Bundle Saturday!  Dont miss it!  Till next time THANK YOU so very much for tuning into That Sweet Tea Life!

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Marie Blackburn

Friday 24th of March 2017

Thea, I saw your gorgeous table featured at the Friday Furniture Fix party and just had to come take a closer peek. Stunning makeover! Pinned Marie|The Interior Frugalista

Brenda Young

Saturday 18th of March 2017

Oh my goodness Thea, this piece is simply stunning! I adore those dual waxed and gilded appliques, what a marvelous finish. The transfer adds a sweet top note, I thought you hand painted that! Thanks so much for sharing your work at Fridays Furniture Fix, I cant stop staring at those scrolls, super nice!