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And then there is Me…

So I guess I should also introduce myself… Thea. Why does that seem so odd…?  Self professed newbie to the furniture rehab scene,.. I really just began last summer.  Until then there was just this knack I had for spotting great stuff that people didnt see value in! Oh, you wanna throw that Crazy Cool Midcentury Modern American of Martinsville desk to the curb? Sure I’ll take that! You want to sell that PRISTINE 1970’s, never even touched water, surfboard artfully painted by Jack Meyer for $30?? I’ll take that too! …guess you dont know its valued at over $1500.00…  That got the ball rolling. Gradually I rolled that into learning about furniture and refinishing.  Finding a way to relove Grandmas old china cabinet.. There are so many things we find endearing and lovely about things of the past,.. but honestly, who REALLY wants to keep them as is?? Normally we cant just slip on our grandmas wedding dress and it suit our sense of style and comfort!  Same is true of the old sideboard or bedroom suit.. I began to really enjoy breathing new life into old discarded 

Sometime later I joked about Sweet T.E.A. Refinishing with a couple of other girls,.. then decided-hey why not.  God Im laying this at your feet.  Do what you will.  Whether it grows,.. or just becomes a personal log of what I have done over time,.. Here goes.  In August 2014 the Facebook page was created.  I had my first commissioned piece and have rolled with it ever since.  I have learned so much along the way.. Of course about furniture but also about me, and how God entrusts us with gifts and we have to trust ourselves with them.  I know its “Just Furniture”,.. but Jesus was a carpenter,.. and Gods artistry can be found all around us..  For that I am grateful.  And Im grateful for this outlet He has given me.. Only he knows the depths of my darkest hour,.. and well, this little hobby has been used by Him to bring me through to a much brighter place.. 

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