…and then it got real…

   So can we just take a moment to look at real life? Furniture is awesome,.. creativity is a blessing (and truth be told a curse) But life is still happening at a break neck pace,.. and I am just not sure I even have it in me to honestly absorb it all…
   Im a stay at home mom.  Yes,.. a SAHM.  Thats where you sit on your couch watching soaps, or HGTV (Lets be a tiny bit more realistic) and eat Bon Bons,.. Then children magically get up and dress themselves completely properly for the day and play sweetly in some little place out the way so as not to interfere with my relaxation.  We spend our day staying pretty and chirpy until Daddy comes home and we all sit like a sweet little family at the dinner table where I have prepared the most effortlessly exquisite meal that EVERYONE (all 7 bodies) sitting at the table find irresistible and of course may even have seconds because I was absolutely prepared for that….. HA!
     Please dont misunderstand me, I am BLESSED.  BLESSED BEYOND ANY MEASURE.  I know that without a doubt! I dont say that with a grudge.  I KNOW I am Blessed. … and oh yeah, today is early release.  I forgot in the last two hours since I previously remembered… ….

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