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An Old Fashioned Transformation

This post contains sponsored products.  Though they flatter me with their generosity-they have not paid for my opinions,.. those are purely my own,.. 😉

Have I told you?? Have you heard?? 
I am SO excited!!! I have expressed before I am always on the hunt for the best products.  The ones I trust and rely on.  Well, Im quite excited to tell you I have recently become an,..
You see that?? OFFICIAL. Cool points right? Well I can dream.  Dont pop the bubble.  But the reason this is so exciting to me is I LOVE THIS COMPANY!! Old Fashioned Milk Paint is a ACTUAL, TRUE, GENUINE Milk Paint.  Created in 1974 by Charles Thibeau, the company was passed down to the current owner Anne Thibeau, who is wildly passionate about the products and their Green Factor!  The low impact they have on our bodies, health, and our planet are of incredible importance to them!  What is better is the ability of the product to do its job is NOT sacrificed! I love how versatile it is!! Want a modern look? You can do that! Want a rustic chippy look?? Its perfect for that!! Want to be a mixologist?? Go for it!! I love taking a bit of this powder and that and having fun! I dream of shelves just lined with jars of Old Fashioned Milk Paint powder,.. I may have begun my collection,.. 
So yes, when the opportunity presented itself to become an official blogger for them, I said YES! How could I not? 
But what to paint? What to explore and bring to you?? 

This poor fellow.  Forgive the picture,.. this is actually what the seller sent me ages ago! Guys, Ive had it for years,.. actually that mirror went on to grace a vanity I refinished for a client.  I was left with the dresser that, as you can see, is falling apart.  It continued to fall apart over the last few years in my workshop,.. until it hit me.  What if I re-purposed it?  Often the drawers of these waterfall pieces fell apart over time and these were no different.  So I started with a shell. 
I wanted to remove the two bottom drawer areas but I didn’t want to lose any structural integrity.  There wasn’t much to spare….
I decided to remove the piece stretched across the bottom and move it to the top to add support under the first stretcher where the shelf would be using wood glue and the existing screws.  They were then clamped while the glue dried.
And meet Dixie, every time I stepped away she claimed that spot! 
Once the the glue dried I removed the clamps, and added in a shelf using 1/4″ birch ply cut to fit the space. The stretchers that had supported the drawers were perfect for supporting the shelf! I then used a drill to cut holes through the back panel for access to electricity.  This would become a perfect spot for those do dads that you don’t want to clutter the desk surface.  Chargers, pencil sharpeners, etc,..  
Now time to clean it all up and make it pretty! I began by taping off an area to create a striped effect.  Then I shellacked over the area that would be painted white and the taped surface.  This would help prevent the wood from bleeding into the white paint and also help with creating crisp lines.
Using my Old Fashioned Paint Company paint in “Snow White” I quickly painted over the shellacked area.  Part of me hoping it would create some crackling fun… 
And it did! After the stripe was complete the rest of the piece would be painted in Old Fashioned Paint Company’s “Pitch Black”.  There would be no chipping as I cleaned very thoroughly with a degreaser,.. generally that is enough to ensure a solid finish.  I then used my Daddy Vans wax in Lavender,… and sealed everything off.  Sooooo easy to use,.. I brushed it on with my wax brush then wiped away the excess.  I wanted the white to be a little less white so I then used their Antique Brown wax to go over the wood and white areas.  And there we have it. I absolutely love how smooth and silky the entire piece feels!! 

What do you think? Is it an improvement?? I think so!! So much more usable! Yay! I look forward to working more with Old Fashioned Milk Paint and creating new looks!  I really can’t get over how easy it was to use! I will have to do another post soon showing you just how easy it is! Until then, happy painting yall!! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.