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Americana Inspired Fun with CeCe Caldwells Paints!

**This post is sponsored! HOWEVER feel 100% assured all opinions expressed are completely my own… 😉 **
CeCe Caldwells Paints sponsored this “Americana Inspired” Project! (what better brand to do it!)  What makes them amazing?? They are HIGH QUALITY, are EASY TO USE, and are American Made, Eco-Friendly, and HEALTH Friendly! I began with this cute little Foyer Table as my canvas.  There was nothing terribly wrong with it, but a great piece to have some fun with.

 I felt drawn to the wavy front that reminded me of an American Flag waving in the wind…

I began by painting the entire piece in CeCe Caldwells Newport Navy.
Already it was so much more handsome!! 
I was truly tempted to stop right there,.. but as lovely as the Newport Navy stood alone, especially with these D Lawless knobs..
I didn’t feel that Americana vibe,.. 
So I had to press on,.. I painted the feet white then debated what I wanted to do.  Frankly I knew what I wanted but I was scared it would come across more kitschy than I intended,.. only one way to find out! I taped stripes across the front.
I painted the open area in CeCe’s Jersey Tomato,.. one thing I love about using CeCe Caldwells paint with tape or stencils is its ability to just lay.  It didn’t want to bleed or run,.. It didnt even want to pull away as I removed the tape! …..dreamy…..
After removing the tape I painted in with CeCe’s Simply White and
over everything I used CeCe’s Clear Wax and Metallic Shelbyville Graphite Wax for age and and added shimmer.  I then went and choose a new pull from D Lawless that would really top off that older world kind of feel! What do you think??



I absolutely loved working with CeCe Caldwells products  and am amazed at just how much they offer to add decorative touches!!  They offer so many different stains. and decorative waxes! 
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I just love seeing a great transformation! Thank you so much for stopping by That Sweet Tea Life!! Till next time! 




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Michelle Leslie

Saturday 10th of June 2017

This is gorgeous Thea. I'm so amazed at how you interpret the lines of furniture in such a unique way and then your ability to vision in something so beautiful

House Crazy in Michigan!

Saturday 3rd of June 2017

You have an amazing talent for not only painting but also staging. I am now following your work. Donna at:White Oak Studio Designs and the Small House Big Sky Homestead

Mary K.- The Boondocks Blog

Wednesday 31st of May 2017

Thea this is stunning! It turned out great with the white and red in the front.

Thea Osborne

Tuesday 30th of May 2017

Thanks Vanessa! I do love CeCe's Navy! <3

Thea Osborne

Tuesday 30th of May 2017

Thank you so much Brenda! You as well! :-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.