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ALL you need to know about White Wax! …and which one is right for you!

**This is a sponsored post-HOWEVER-as my sponsor knows, its 100% my very own, unpaid for opinion** 

Ok so, I”m pretty sure Im late to the show but I just found out…

Just about as fast as I found that out, I also found out that the White Wax I had- did NOT love me!
My burning chest and angry sinuses would attest to that.  As the migraine set in I 
grabbed the can I was working with which I naively thought 
was a natural product.
Nope. Solvents.

Generally these solvents are put in there to quicken drying time and make easier work, and add durability,… but I love my work! I want to do it for years to come… Which means I have to take care of myself.  Here’s the thing though,.. doesn’t going green mean more expense as well as less quality??

Time for the Test
Taking 3 salvaged table legs, I painted them with a chalk/clay based paint.  Each of the waxes I chose were meant to be used with porous/textured paint.  So I wanted to be sure to use just that.  Also, for the record, the paint I used is not the same brand as any of these waxes.

I decided to use Miss Mustard Seed White Wax, as this is the one I already had on hand.  Additionally I would try out Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint Wax-White that I was able to borrow from a friend.  Then, I wanted to see, can I really find a natural white wax.  It WAS NOT as easy as I thought it would be!  Then I remembered Country Chic Paint,.. You may remember I had the pleasure of working with them some time back with The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest. You can see that HERE.   After talking to them I would find out YES they do have a White Wax and YES ITS ALL NATURAL.  At this point I have to admit being a tad skeptical,… they were however, kind enough to send me some to try.

Using a different brush for each of the waxes, I brushed on each of the waxes onto each of the legs.  Then using a different rag for each leg, I wiped away the excess,..   
Some of the things I looked for are the scent, the coverage, the sheen, and the simple facts.

Chalk Paint™ Wax-White
Scent- Similar to Original Clear Wax, not horribly strong but definitely present.
Coverage- It went on smoothly, and fairly opaque but not consistent
Sheen- a little less sheen than I anticipated. Some gloss to it but not high.
Facts: I know there are solvents and the front of the can even warns you!   To be honest, I thought I was going to have a hard time with this one,  I assumed I would love it and hate making myself steer clear due to the chemicals.  But I wasn’t impressed.

Miss Mustard Seed
Scent- Not offensive at all! Smells very natural.
Coverage- Very smooth and opaque.  Incredibly Even. After buffing there is a very consistent look over the entire area. save the high points where it tends to leave only the sheen, and no white pigment. 
Sheen- Fairly Glossy with buffing.  Truly as you apply with the brush, it tends to buff as you work it.  Facts: I know there are solvents in there,.. I know that my body seems to hate them.  So unless I want to go outdoors and/or use my respirator,.. I need to steer clear… 

Country Chic
Scent- Scent: Since it contains tree nut oils, it has a slight, yet pleasant nutty smell.
It doesn’t have a potent chemical scent, though.
Coverage-Whoa. I was surprised at how far it went.  The wax itself is slightly hard comparatively so I was a little skeptical of how hard I was about to work.  But a little went a really long way!  It was also very consistent and smooth going on.  When I wiped away/buffed, there was a notable contrast in the areas I was able to reach and the crevices. So where as the MMS showed less contrast over everything, the Country Chic showed pronounced contrast.
Sheen- quite matte.  I do wonder if I had allowed to sit for longer if the sheen would have been different, however I like the more flat look so its fine for me.  
 Facts: Solvent and Chemical Free.  

So whats my take away…?
My go to is absolutely the Country Chic White Wax. I absolutely LOVED the way it worked.  I didn’t think the coverage was going to be as opaque as it was.. and I see that its incredibly easy to use an artist brush to work in even more wax if i want to deepen an area.  I can use it anywhere,.. I don’t have to use a respirator.  And,. for me-that’s rather necessary.  There is no telling when I want to work on something and don’t like to feel restrained.  The Miss Mustard Seed wax “Stuck” to the paint surface… This meant there wasn’t much contrast unless maybe I want to work harder to wipe away? Or maybe with mineral spirits? but again,.. more and more chemicals and solvents.  I think I would rather add more wax for a deeper look than fight taking it away.  

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Thanks for tuning into see see whats new at +That Sweet Tea Life! Happy Painting Y’all!

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