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A French Provincial Twist? Fry? …ok Dresser.

I guess this you could say this is where it all began! My $10 find at Goodwill.  And then I prayed. Ha! I prayed hard.  I was in a rough season of life! (Remember “Thea’s Dawn”?)  And have always had this affinity for Old Cool stuff.. I seem to have a kind of “eye” for it.  Whos to say that all of Gods gifts include our idea of worship and praise?? Jesus was a carpenter right? Ok. So I prayed. “Lord, if you dont want me to go down this path, can you please just slam the door in my face!” And off to Craigslist I went to post it.  My offer was to customize it for the buyer and in no time really I found myself in this semi awkward spot of having my first client and no idea what to do with them! But Im a professional right?? Fake it till you make it,.. or fail and have to offer a refund and super humble apology. As I begin to unfold the wishes of my sweet unsuspecting client lady, she begins tossing around things like “Annie Sloan” and “Chalk Paint” Now luckily I had experimented with this a l.i.t.t.l.e… So full steam ahead! She wanted a modern look.  No distress. No antiquing or glazing. And we decided on a two tone look.. This was going well.  Perfect starter to this whole idea of a refinishing business!  So I got to work! Sanding a prepping and diving in,.. I took a risk and added some flare to the legs..
And she loved it! Im trying to find my courage,.. I want to begin to do things the way I want to creatively and, well,… I want people to love it! Ha! Thankfully she did and so I continued… Then I came to the top.  Now, this new hobby of mine,.. its got to be a non financial burden on the family! Or,.. I know me-it will go out the window FAST! So,.. I sand the top down (Laminate-eh..) and paint it with black paint,.. yes,.. just black paint. I know! I know! But to spend extra on Graphite-cant I just prime it first with regular paint!? What was I thinking… I really wish I had pictures to show you the mess I found myself in, scraping and sanding it all back! But when you hit a wall like that, you really just have to make yourself dive in and look forward to that point you know you will hit where you are making progress again… and you can breathe.   Onward and Upward… Finally Annie Sloans Graphite was introduced directly to the surface of the eh laminate top and yes… It all flowed a bit better. I continue on and sweet client lady says she is dropping off some handles she had bought to put on the dresser! “Great!! Cant wait to see them!” I say.. 

They were almost this style exactly… This is NOT what I had in mind! I pray a little prayer and ask if she minds if I paint them.. Yes! Score! She would love that! …whew…

Photo Courtesy of

So I scuff em up a tad and go over them with the Paris Grey and dry brush the Graphite to give them more depth.. wax and buff! And we are done.  Now to get my ultra talented photographer friend over to take a fabulous pic! and …wahlah… 

For my first commissioned piece,.. Ill take it.

Photo Credit Jessie Grace Photography 

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