Over 20 of the Most GORGEOUS Green Painted Furniture I could Find You!

GREEN The color of envy,.. the color of LIFE,.. I feel like its a color often forgotten about in design and more specifically painted furniture.  But why? Don't get me wrong I can find "sage" nearly everywhere,.. and even the "mint" variety is becoming more prevalent, but I think it takes a certain type of someone to take on bold Gorgeous Green Painted Furniture.

Now I can see where are probably thinking, "Nope." ...and I have to say,.. I'm kinda right there with you.  At least I am until I see it in action.  I have collected for our inspiration, some of the most GORGEOUS Green Painted Furniture Pieces.. which inspires me to try out a couple of the Wise Owl Greens,.. including the lovely yet Limited Edition Cypress! 

With Spring on the way,.. I'm beginning to feel a Green Thumb coming on... enjoy all of this gorgeous green painted furniture I have put into a collection for you! 

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  1. Thanks Thea for the inclusion. So much green makes me so happy!!


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