Over 30 of the Best Iced Tea Recipes on the Internet!

Sometimes I really do feel like there is absolutely nothing more refreshing than a nice glass of iced tea!
Summerville, South Carolina
In case you were unaware, we were named the Official Birth Place of Sweet Tea.
I know, its hard to swallow.  No other place can claim it!  And this undoubtedly leaves many communities sad and lost.  Be that as it may, we claim it proudly!
Courtesy Discover South Carolina 
Once named, the Town of Summerville found it only fitting that we should also be known in the Guiness Book of World Records for the Worlds Largest Sweet Tea!
And, so we did that. Twice.  Once to claim it and again to RE-claim it when some unfortunate town tried to take that claim to fame from us.
Courtesy CBS News 
There you are looking at 1425 GALLONS of Tea! Even better is you are also looking at 1600 pounds of SUGAR.  I can hear Wilford Brimley now,.. "Di-uh-beetus"
See y'all, I tell you, we take our Sweet Tea Seriously.

And my favorite way to create a special tea often involves my AHMAZING NINJA Coffee Bar!
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So now it only seems good and right that I bring you some of the absolute BEST Tea Recipes out there!  Now not all of them will induce a diabetic coma.  Many are light and refreshing!  Im SURE you will find one to suit you!  As the summer quickly approaches I am happy to have a list of lovely iced beverages to try.. as always, thank you for joining me at That Sweet Tea Life! Cheers!


  1. Such a perfect collection for summer!

  2. I'm wanting to know what the one in the bottom, right corner is called.

  3. I had no idea there could be so many varieties. It makes sense though. Some of these look really different and delicious.

  4. Thea you are so talented. Love all of it! 💗

    1. Darlene,.. thank you!! You just made my heart so happy! 😘


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