Image Transfer- A Quick "How I Done It"

So soon enough you will be hearing all about #SwapItLikeItsHot 
Search the hashtag and you may find some from the past!

Well part of my package included an old cutting board,.. I have been staring at it for a month or more dumbfounded,.. then it finally hit me.  I have wanted to try doing image transfers for so long! However it becomes very seldom that I get to work on projects that are purely inspired.  So, I seized the chance,.. did nearly no research and just made the leap!

I began with the design.. 
With broadening things a bit (Sweet Tea Refinishing will soon be "That Sweet Tea Life") I wanted to have a little fun with the new name!  So, first I went to to work up some lettering love!
Once I was finished I saved it and opened Power Point.  From there I am able to size it and get the exact dimensions I want to print as well as reverse the image!  I pressed print then used some Acriglaze I had on hand to coat the cutting board. -not gloppy but definitely well covered.  As soon as it finished printing I placed the image face down on the cutting board being sure to pressed along the lettering and design... After I was certain to have gone over everything I let it sit for maybe a minute and lifted the paper away!

Want more tips?? Come join the fun!

How exciting! I was thrilled with the result!! Next I used an artists brush and my AMAZING Unicorn Spit Stain in Midnight Black and I painted in the lettering and design.
Once that dried well I used a custom blended stain I had from CeCe Caldwell and I painted in the board to give an aged effect.  Lastly I lightly sanded with a high grit sandpaper and placed a coat of Hopes Tung Oil over the entire thing!

 Done! Sometimes I love when I am able to just do a sweet little project and knock the entire thing out in the same day!!  The inspiration just hits and the project is carries out!!
Are you thinking about trying to do an image transfer?? Drop the link below! Id LOVE to see your work!! Until then, thanks for joining me at That Sweet Tea Life!

Remember,.. sharing is caring! ;-)


  1. Love this!! Will definitely have to give the trasnfer a go, I love hand painted signs!

  2. Fabulous- Can't wait to give this a whirl!

  3. I need to do this. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Did you let the Acriglaze dry completely before pressing the lettering to it?

    1. to be fair you can probably do this with most Top Coats,.. but no! It must be moist to take in the pigment.

    2. Beautiful!! I wish my free hand lettering looked that good!

  5. I have been wanting to transfer images I have printed from my computer onto pillows or anything like you did here, but have no idea how to easily do this. Can you explain in detail how you transferred the image to the cutting board? Thanks!


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