Not your Grandmas Drexel

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Time to try out some new fun products from General Finishes!

General Finishes happens to be a GREAT Company. They listen and read what we, the consumers, are wanting and they answer! They even seek out input from us: the moms, the small business owners, the hobbyists.  We are not alone.  There is a network of support all around us eager to help when we just do not know what to do!  But their products are so easy to use!  

On to the project!
When I realized what product I was being give to use,  I knew it was time.  I had an incredible Drexel Heritage Bombay Chest that had been just waiting for me to pretty it up!  
It was in incredible shape, save the finish.  There were lots of scratches and dings.  This was the perfect opportunity to take "Grandmas Gorgeous Drexel" and make it my own...  

Not long ago General Finishes came out with a new line of glazes called "Pearl Effects" ~Cue the angels playing their harps as they sing harmoniously... Personally I love to see those shimmery tones on curves.  So this was my opportunity,.. decisions, decisions,.. Burnished Pearl? Champagne Pearl? Which look did I really want to achieve...? I decided to go with the slightly more versatile  Champagne Pearl-I could always tint it later! While I waited, I got down to work.  I also happened to have lots of General Finishes Paint on hand! So I grabbed my "Patina Green" Milk Paint and "Coastal Blue" Milk Paint and set out to make Emerald!
But I stopped here.
I could not help myself.  There was something about this slightly more blue "Patina Green" that I just LOVED! So we just got cozy right there. 
I also had General Finishes "Snow White" Milk Paint on hand so I used that for the handles and escutcheon.  Then: Special Delivery!
I started with first just taking the glaze and wiping it across a drawer.  And I let that sit... and I took a step back to just let it simmer.  I was't sure it was quite the look I wanted to go for.  
This picture gives you an idea.  The top is "Champagne Pearl" all on its lonesome.  Below that you will see where I mixed it in equal parts with "Snow White" Milk Paint!  This gave it a more opaque look!  
I used the mixture to accent all the nooks and crannies I wanted to highlight.  Carefully taking a moist artists brush I went in and brushed the glaze-quickly wiping away the excess.  Where I did not wipe quickly I attempted to sand.  And something magical happened.  I thought I wanted clean, but who knew I actually wanted distressed to allow the orange-red wood tone to come through!? I did not!  But now I do! So, after finishing up the glaze, I went back and strategically distressed to further highlight the areas I wanted.  

Yes, it is Geometric Design.  What, pray tell, is Geometric about this curvy little babe?  The circles! Playing on the circles on the legs I found a stencil I could have some fun with on the drawers.  I always like to add a little element of surprise there.  Also, I had never used a stencil before! All sorts of firsts happening! ~first time with glaze. ~first time with stencils! So here goes. Time to take the beauty out to my favorite photo op area! I really enjoy contrasting the bold pop of color against the rustic brick.

You guys tell me.  Did I hit the mark? 
Now Check out some of my favorite General Finishes Makeovers!
Lynn at Fern Avenue
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with her incredible re-purposed china hutch!
 And if you think she just stenciled that on,.. wow.  Its worth the read! Go check her out!
There is really so much you can do with General Finishes Products!! Ok,.. on to the next creation!! Till next time! 


  1. Fantastic transformation, I love the colour and your surprise element! And thank you for mentioning my piece in your post!! What a wonderful surprise when I came to have a look at the "competition"! :D Best of luck ! xx

    1. Oh thank you Evija! HaHa!! I LOVED your table and the fast that you really went all out to accomplish the look you wanted. Best of lucck to you as well! XX

  2. Wonderful piece to revamp Thea, what great curvy lines on that Drexel ! I've got to get my hands on some of that Patina Green what an outstanding color, and a wonderful peekaboo surprise too, Nice job!

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! The Patina is GORGEOUS though its going to be a bit more green than what you see on mine. This was a really fun piece to work on!

  3. Oh Wow! I love the color you chose for this piece! It is so fresh looking! You did a lovely job! I would be so happy if you would share this at Making Broken Beautiful. It goes every week from Thursday to sunday. Love your work and I hope you will join in inspiring us all!


    1. Hello Terry! Thank you so much! It has become a favorite of mine and demanded by clients! :-) I would love to share! ..though wish me luck since blogging/websites are NOT my strong suit. Loving your site so far though!


  4. I'm so thrilled you were able to share this at my Making Broken Beautiful party, I do hope you will join in again tomorrow :0) I will be Featuring this piece!

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