The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™ is Growing!

**This post is sponsored! HOWEVER fell 100% assured all opinions expressed are completely my own... ;-) **
In case you haven't heard-we are growing!!
Every month we have had Fab Flippers contacting us asking,.. 
"Do we HAVE to have a blog to enter?!"
Sadly we would advise them,.. "Yes, Yes you do."
That's right! We have started a community version!  This contest requires no blog!!
This is our first month in running it and WOW what a start!  Once again our first sponsor is the fabulous
They're with us again to kick things off!
The theme this month is
"Americana Inspired"
and I decided to toss in a little inspiration using CeCe Caldwells amazing products! What makes them amazing?? They are HIGH QUALITY, are EASY TO USE, and are American Made, Eco-Friendly, and HEALTH Friendly!
I began with this cute little Foyer Table as my canvas.  There was nothing terribly wrong with it, but a great piece to have some fun with.
With the theme being "Americana Inspired" I felt drawn to the wavy front that reminded me of an American Flag waving in the wind...
I began by painting the entire piece in CeCe Caldwells Newport Navy.
Already it was so much more handsome!! 
I was truly tempted to stop right there,.. but as lovely as the Newport Navy stood alone, especially with these D Lawless knobs..
I didn't feel that Americana vibe,.. 
So I had to press on,.. I painted the feet white then debated what I wanted to do.  Frankly I knew what I wanted but I was scared it would come across more kitschy than I intended,.. only one way to find out! I taped stripes across the front.
I painted the open area in CeCe's Jersey Tomato,.. one thing I love about using CeCe Caldwells paint with tape or stencils is its ability to just lay.  It didn't want to bleed or run,.. It didnt even want to pull away as I removed the tape! .....dreamy.....
After removing the tape I painted in with CeCe's Simply White and
over everything I used CeCe's Clear Wax and Metallic Shelbyville Graphite Wax for age and and added shimmer.  I then went and choose a new pull from D Lawless that would really top off that older world kind of feel! What do you think??

I absolutely loved working with CeCe Caldwells products this month and am amazed at just how much they offer to add decorative touches!! I cant wait to see all that our contestants come up with!
Do you wanna join in too?? Contact us! Just email to let us know!

Meanwhile go check out our amazing hosts!

And just take a look at the contestants pieces! Links are also provided...
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Jenene Horner
And There you have it!! Great job Fab Flippers!! I cant wait to see who the winner is!


  1. Thea, It's always great and awesome to be apart of a great team of ladies. Thank you for this and to all the other Fabulous Flipping Ladies. Hugs!

  2. The judges are going to have a very hard time making a decision. Every piece looks terrific.

  3. I certainly would not want to be a judge. What an array of fabulousness

  4. I certainly would not want to be a judge. What an array of fabulousness


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