Another How To,.. my way of lining a Drawer

So I dont know about you, but personally I just dont like laying liner in the bottom of a drawer. Getting the cut just right, making it lay well, making it stay down and not want to flip up during use, but not be so permanent that I cant just change it out later!? Oh the stress of it all!  So What do I do?! Removable Drawer Liners.  Tada! 

I love how much character you can add by doing this.

Today I am working on a fairly modern End table that I am giving a rather aged look to.   So I am using an "Old Looking" paper to make a liner.  First things first.  What do we need?

For the method I use we will need the following:

Cardboard (Or any stiff board that you want to use.  Often times I use my kids old project boards! Why waste them?!)
Pretty paper, cloth, or whatever you want to use!  In the blue dresser above I had found a table cloth on clearance and just had to use it!
Hot Glue Gun
Regular Glue (Elmers, craft glue, whatever you want to use)
Straight edge (I use a square)
Utility Knife (Box cutter,  X-acto Knife)
pencil or pen
Measuring Tape
First I measure out the size I will need.
Generally I will take off about a quarter of an inch to allow room for the paper to fit nicely.

I take those measurements and mark them off on the project board.  I try to place the part of the board that is scored toward the back of the drawer.  Having a scored back allows for easier placement and removal in the end.  If there is none-I make one.  And then I cut it out!

After its cut out I try it in the drawer just to be sure it fits!!Next we have to get the paper ready to put on the board. So I place the board on the paper and leaving about two inches on each side I cut the paper out.

Next I place glue on the front of the of the board and place it face down on the back of the paper
  or cloth that I am using.

Once I have it centered on the cloth or fabric, I start by tucking the corners in.  Using Hot Glue I glue the corners onto the back side. I also glue the inside little pocket.  This helps everything in later in the


Now we have to fold over the sides and glue those down-

 once again using the hot glue.
I didnt have any ribbon that coordinated well enough so I decided to use some string.  Taking a rather long piece, I cut it in half several times until I got to the size I wanted.
Then I found the center of the back side of the board.  I laid about an inch of hot glue and pressed one end of the string in.  Then I laid another bead of hot glue over that and placed the other end of the string down.  Last I placed a third bead of glue down  over the top. and allow that to rest for a bit.  Once its begun to harden I press it down to flatten it a bit. 

Flip it all over and lay it carefully into the drawer! make sure the "pull" you created is sticking up so you can easily pull it out! 


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    1. Thank you Connie! I love seeing how my silly issues are helpful for others! :-D


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