How to Keep Going (Even when it gets hard) Efex, Modern Masters, and Moore

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A collection of some of the BEST Home Decor DIYs to inspire YOU!

Decorating your home while also making it more comfortable (and stylish) doesn’t have to come from a store. 

How to Paint and Shade with Pure and Original Classico Paint!

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Meet Mr Eastlake

Embellishment Ideas for your DIY Projects!

Embellishments! They are a fun and clever way to add a unique touch to furniture or a home decor project. We see all the old dressers and tables at the thrift store or sitting in a yard sale. Perhaps they’re damaged or just need a little sprucing up.

ALL of the BEST Paint Tips & Tutorials on the Internet!

How many times have you attempted a project and began the daunting Google search?  Click here, then there, do an image search and try to nail down your project and technique,.. ?  

Using Pure and Original Classico Paint with a White Wash

Awesome ways to Make a Basic Table more Beautiful!

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